The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


32. The big day (the wedding)

Alexis and I arrived at the church for our big day. The boys were already their waiting for the preacher and the guests to arrive. The girls were their and I went in the dressing room with them Aleyia did my hair and Eleanor and Perrie did my make up. After they were all done with my hair and make up they all told me how beautiful I looked.

After they finished helping me get ready it was time for me to go out and get ready to say I do. When I left I walked into the church and the bridesmaids were lined up and so were the groomsmen and I walked down the isle with my flowers and I kept on smiling and blushing while I was walking and I couldn't believe this day was finally happening. Harry looked at me and he smiled and I could tell he was saying to himself and to the boys how stunning I looked and how much he liked how I looked. All of me was playing while I was walking and I was so happy because I love that song. When I got up front to the church Harry grabbed my hand and the wedding started.

It was just a normal wedding. It was fun the preacher said Alexis do you take Harry as your loyal and trustful loving husband and I said I do . He said Harry do you take Alexis as your loving and trustful loyal wife Harry said I do and the preacher said Harry you may kiss your bride. Harry said I can't believe I just kissed my beautiful princess and I said I'm glad he said well I'm about to do it again. I looked at Harry and said well now we are officially married. I said now we can go celebrate.

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