The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


6. The beach

Harry and I walked out on the beach. We brought chairs and when they got out their Harry put sunscreen on Me . Then I put some sunscreen on him and they walked out by the water Together. He splashed water on me and i splashed water on him to. I said Harry I'm gonna get you for that Harry said ok but if you splash water on me i won't treat you like a princess anymore"Harry laughed and said I'm just joking" I said Harry you "hurt my feelings and she pretended to cry" I said Harry I know that you were just kidding I just wanted to play a joke on you and Harry said come here love what I'm about to do now will be no joke

Harry laid Me down on the sand and he put seashells all around my body. Then he kissed me. I told Harry how special that made me feel and i said that i really really love him. I laid down after Harry put the seashells around my body and then I kept on smiling because i was excited and i grabbed Harry's leg really hard and he fell down but he fell close to me . "I started laughing after i made him fall." Harry put his head on Me and we cuddled and we watched the waves in the water rise up . I said Harry this is one of the best times that we have spent Together it is also very romantic. Harry said don't speak my love just lay down and relax and enjoy this time that we have together. I said Harry are you hungry and Harry said yes are you and I said yes . I grabbed the picnic basket and I got out a sandwich for me and Harry. It was just one sandwich because this trip is kinda like another date and vacation. I cut the sandwich in half.i gave Harry his half and I ate my half.

After we ate our sandwiches Me and Harry laid out on the beach Together we relaxed and I laid on Harry's chest and he rubbed his hands through my dark black hair and he gave me a massage and he tickled me. He knew that I was ticklelish on my feet and on my stomach. I laughed so hard because Harry kept on tickeling me and finally he stopped and he said Alexis I love the way you laugh and I love the way that you look at me. I love the way that your eyes light up whenever you look into my eyes and I love the way that you dress and that beautiful smile . That smile brightens my days and I hope that it will never go away. Harry said tonight when you go to bed I am going to take a picture of you. You are my girlfriend and you always fall asleep next to me . So when you wake up I want to show you how beautiful you looked while you were sleeping. I said Harry that is so sweet and so thoughtful and I don't mind if you take a picture of me while I'm sleeping tonight .

I said Harry I am so glad that I met such a a nice guy like you. I will always love you no matter what and no can else can ever love you as much as I love you . Harry said so how about I lay on the sand now and you can put seashells around me now.i said Aww babe I would love to and don't move and be still you move around a lot and always have a hard time staying still. Harry said well I will be still and I will try not to move but sometimes I can't help that I have to move around cause I don't like sitting down for to long. I said ok Harry lay down and I am gonna put the shells around your body so she put the shells all around his body and after that she took a picture of him. I said Aww Aww Harry you look so adorable and this Will be my new screen saver and I hope you will like that. Harry said Aww You just made my made my day an you are already my screen saver on my phone.

Harry said we should build sand castles and we should pretend we have little kids that could play in them. We could even pretend that these are our kids . I said you know what Harry that sounds like a good idea and it is the most romantic idea you've had all day I bet lol. Harry said well we can make sand castles but we need buckets and shovels . Harry bought A bucket and a shovel from his bag and told Me he had those since he was little . I said aw aw Harry that's so adorable and let's use that and I will build the castle part first and you can work on the other half.

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