The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


2. The 2nd romantic date

Harry and Alexis arrived at the palace around 12:00 that evening. Harry said hold on my love I will get the door for you. Alexis said Harry you are such a gentlemen and that is what I love about you. Harry said I love you Alexis and I want to be the best boyfriend in the world. I want to see you happy and I also want to see you smiling because I will always make that happen. I don't want you to ever forget that.

Harry helped Alexis out of his Tahoe and he said let me carry your purse for you my love and grab my hand please . Alexis said Harry ok and thank you for helping me out Harry said no problem my love . Then they walked by the restaurant door and Harry held the door for her. Then the waiters at the counter asked Harry and Alexis how many people would be joining them. Harry said it's just for me and Alexis and the waiter said well my name is Drake and I will be glad to escort you to a table or a booth. Harry said we would like a booth please. When they got to their table Harry sat on one side of the booth and Alexis sat on the other side of the booth. Then the waiter said can I get y'all anything to drink and Harry said I'll take a a strawberry lemonade and Harry said Alexis wants a strawberry lemonade also.

Then when the waiter left Harry kept on starring at Alexis . Alexis said Harry why do you keep on starring at me? Harry said I just really missed you while I was on tour and I missed seeing you and looking at your beautiful face. Alexis said Aww Aww Harry I missed you to but I am glad that you are back now and Harry said me to love.Then the waiter came back with Harry drink and Alexis drink . Then he asked them what did they want to eat and Alexis said I would like a 6 ounce steak with potatoes and an broccoli on the side . Harry said and I would like the shrimp platter with fries and broccoli also. The waiter said my name is drake and I will have both of y'all's order will be out in a few minutes . Harry started talking to Alexis and he said Alexis I love you she said Aww Aww Harry I love you to . Harry said we have been together for so long and we have always been honest with eachother. Harry said Alexis I hope that things will never change between us . Drake came back with Harry's food and My food . Harry said thank you drake .

Harry said Alexis I hope that you will enjoy your delicious good food and before you decide to pay you shouldn't offer to. I will pay for your food and my food . Alexis said Aww Aww Harry thank you so much. Alexis kissed Harry and she said Aww I can't believe someone like you has been so nice to me . Harry started blushing and Alexis said Harry your so cute when you start blushing. Harry ate his food and he asked Alexis if she liked her food and Alexis said yes that she loved her food. Harry grabbed a potatoe off her plate and he fed it to her. Then the waiter came back with chocolate covered strawberries he knew that Alexis liked them. Harry and Alexis shared the strawberries and then Harry paid for the ticket . After that they left and then Alexis asked Harry what they were going to do next and Harry said I can't tell you it's a surprise. Harry and Alexis got in the truck and Harry drove to A theme park and then Alexis saw the sign for the theme park and I said omg omg Harry is this my other surprise and Harry said yes my dear this is your other surprise . When we got to the theme park Harry paid for their tickets to get in to the park, I said Harry I can't believe that we are both going to spend time together at Disney world and this is so wonderful and this will be the best day ever as long as we are together all the time. Harry said I am making sure that I take care of you I love you and I kinda figured that we could use some alone time . Harry said can I tell you that you are a blessing to me and god blessed me with the best girlfriend ever.

Harry and I were walking together . he paid for their tickets ,and then he asked Me what did she want to do first and I said we could go ride on one of the roller coasters. Harry said ok then my love lets go and I'll lead the way and just stay close to me I really would love that . Harry stopped once they got to space mountain and I got so excited and she said Harry Harry let's go hurry hurry and Harry said ok my love calm down we are going. Harry and I got on the rollercoaster. It starts in 5 4 3 2 1. Harry started screaming because he was excited and so was Alexis and they held hands until the ride was over. Harry said if I die first I'll be sure that you come to heaven with me. I said I would hope so cause if I didn't I would miss you like crazy. Harry said I love you so much and I don't know what I would do without you

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