The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


30. Shopping with the girls

I told Harry and the boys that my knee feels a lot better. It's not hurting anymore and I think that I will be able to walk. I stood up to go outside and surprisingly I could stand up. I didn't have any problems but if I do have anymore problems or if the Pain comes back i will let Harry know so he can take me back to the doctor.

Harry said ok let me know and make sure that you are very careful while you are with the girls. Harry said call me or text me if you need anything and I will check on you to make sure your okay every so often. Me and the girls left before the boys did and Eleanor and Aleyia asked me where did I want to go first to find a dress I told them I wanted to go to the dress shop.

Eleanor said Lexi I think that we should go to the mall first and see what dresses they have. They have so many different ones that you can choose from. I said that's a good idea and I want a white dress it has to fit just right and I want it to be long. I also want a nice white veil and some nice pearls. We will look for all of that when we get their.

I said Eleanor and Aleiya I want to see what dresses they have at David's bridals first. They should have cute ones to. The girls and I arrived at the mall, when we got here we went to David's bridal. I tried on a white dress that was really sparkly I liked it and so did the girls they said it fits me just right. If I don't find any other dresses anyone else I like I will go back and get that one. The dress made me look gorgeous and the girls said I'm sure Harry would like to see you in that dress. I said me to I can already picture it.

The girls said Alexis well this is our present to you. We went to Macy's and I saw another dress that I liked. It was a little bit different from the other dresses I tried on at David's bridal. I showed the girls that dress and I decided that I wanted the one at David's bridal. I liked that dress better so we went back to that store and the girls bought the dress for me. I was so happy and excited and I told them thank you. We went to a shoe store and I looked for some heels to match my dress I found some white sparkly ones so I got those. They fit me just right and I really like them. I told the girls that I would buy my shoes. I bought them then I got a call from Harry .

Harry: hey love are you okay and have you found anything

Me: Harry I found a nice dress and some shoes

Harry: That's good I said have you found a tux or anything and he said no Not yet but the boys are helping me. I will pay for your shoes and stuff and I will pay the girls back they are family so I will buy your dress and your shoes so meet me outside and I will give you my bank card so I can buy that dress and shoes for you.

Me I am coming right now so the girls came with me and I met Harry outside and I got his card and he bought the dress for me and the shoes. I said thank you so much babe and I really appreciate it and Harry said no problem love I asked Harry was he gonna keep on looking for a tux for the wedding and he said yes that he will keep looking.

This chapter is when I am gonna go shopping for a wedding dress and Harry looks for a tux.

Harry said when you are done shopping why don't you and the girls meet me and the boys at chick fil a and we can all get something to eat. I'm hungry and I haven't eaten all day. I said okay and I am hungry to I said we are done I have everything I need so far . Harry said ok so come on and he grabbed my hand and the girls walked with their boyfriends and we all went to get something to eat.

This is the end of this chapter yes there will be a wedding and I already have everything I need for it but Harry and I still have lots of planing to do. The next few chapters will get better and better so I hope that will make everyone start reading this. I think I want this story to keep on going on I really love it comment let me know when I need to update. My last update was yesterday and I'm updating it again today. I'm not in school I'm out for spring break so I have time to work on my story until spring break is over. Next week I go back to school so idk if I will be able to update my story

Love Alexis

To me and my readers

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