The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


25. Romance

Harry played the movie and I cuddled up next to him. He said this will be the best night of my life. I saw him blush and I said Harry it will be the best night of your life and I am so glad that you are happy. The movie came on and I got a big blanket for me and Harry to share. Harry said are you cold and I said I am a little bit Harry said well just stay next to me I will make sure that you are warm.

Harry and I watched the movie and we got to the part where Jamie was falling for that guy Landen at her school. Harry said Princess I think I am loving this movie already since it will have lots of romance in it. I said well I wanted to pick a movie that we would both enjoy . Harry said I know and even though this movie is sad we should still watch it. I know that it is going to be really good. I said Harry trust me you will love it I know I do. Harry said princess lets stop talking and enjoy the movie. He said and if you fall asleep before me I'll carry you to the bedroom.

Harry can I just tell you that you will be a wonderful husband. Harry said princess I know I will all I want to do is make you happy. They both continued watching the movie and I went and got some chocolate covered strawberries and Harry and I shared them. Harry let me taste one first so he put in my mouth slowly and I bit down on it. Harry said how is the chocolate covered strawberrie. I said Harry it is really good actually and you should try one. He grabbed one and he ate it and he said woe this is so good and I never knew that I would eat something as good as this.

I said Harry I'm glad that you like it. You should like it anyway you love strawberries Harry said your right I do love straw berries. He said I think that now I will like them even better with chocolate on top. I said haha see how much you can learn if you would just listen to me not sometimes but all the time. Princess are you flirting with me she said why yes I am Harry Edward styles. He said well I'm loving every minute of it. He said now don't do to much that is my job. I said yeah I already know. I said Well Harry do you like the movie and he said yes he said what part are we at and I said the part where Jamie dies because she has cancer. I got tears in my eyes and I cried when I saw her die and Harry was their to comfort me. He said princess don't cry it's just a movie. I said Harry I know but it's just so sad. Harry pulled me closer to him and he said does this make you feel any better. I said just a little bit and Harry said I know exactly what will cheer you up and I said and what do you have in mind. Harry said I will pause the movie for a little while .

Harry paused the movie and he just talked to me. He started talking about the wedding and he said that we need to have the perfect wedding. We also need to have chocolate covered strawberries and soda and cake. I said Harry we also need to have a buffet for the people who attend the wedding like the boys and their girlfriends or your family or my family. Harry said ok princess that enough wedding planning now let's finish the movie , Harry resumed the movie and they were at the part where landen remember all the good times him and Jamie had together . Then it went off and Harry asked me was I sleepy I said just a little bit.

He said well how about we clean up in here . Then we can go upstairs and you can lay down and so will I and we will both go to sleep. I said ok good because I am really tired and today has been a long day I am glad that we a both enjoyed it and I am glad that we watched a movie and I enjoyed your quesilladas and the chocolate covered strawberries. Harry said I'm glad that you liked everything Tommorrow we should meet the boys somewhere and we could all go out to eat and you can spend time with Perrie, Eleanor and Barbara. I said that sounds perfect and I can't wait to see the boys and the girls. It feels like I haven't seen them in forever but I know that it hadn't been that long since I have seen them. Harry said good night my princess and he kissed me goodnight. He said I love you and I said I love you to. I said dream about me and he said I would but you are right next to me.

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