The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


17. my Parents

Harry and I arrived at his parents house. They came outside when they saw Harry pull up in the drive way. Anne went over to Harry's lady friend and I said hi Anne I am Alexis. Anne said well it's nice to meet you and Harry has told me so much about you. I am glad that my son finally found someone as good as you to be with.

Anne said well Harry is one of the most charming guys. He is really sweet and he's does a lot for me and he has taken me on so many wonderful vacations since we have been together. Anne said well that's wonderful honey and I am glad that he is making you happy. Anne said he told me that he really loves you and he always wants to make you happy and that he will never leave your side . Anne said Darling has he talked to you about marriage yet and I said yes mam but I don't know what to say. Anne said you know that you really love him so when he asks you to marry him say yes. I told anne that I will say yes. I love Harry just as much as he loves me and we would be prefect for Eachother. Anne said darling why don't we go inside and I will show you around the house . Harry followed them Anne said I will show you Harry's room. I said omg Harry your room is amazing . Anne said I'm going to go get my camera I want to take a picture of y'all in Harry's room. Harry and I posed for the pictures and anne took the picture Harry and I looked at it and Harry said that is a beautiful picture. I blushed and said saw aw aw thank you babe . Harry said your welcome princess you are my beautiful princess.

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