The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


43. ice cream wax museum

Harry and I left the hotel. We took the bus to the airport and then we got on the subway. After we got off the subway we had to catch a train and that train would take us to Times Square. When we got to Times Square we walked around for a little while then we stopped at this place called Lilly's ice cream shop and i bought cookies and creme ice cream for me. I bought Harry vanilla cause That's what he wanted. We sat down in the ice cream shop and we ate our cream. We talked about this trip and how much fun we were both having and I told Harry that this is probably the best time of my life right now.

He said well princess I am glad that you are having fun and you should probably call Zayn and Liam back they just called to check on you and to see how you are doing. I got my iPhone out and I called Zayn first and he answered he said hey Alexis how are you doing and how is you and Harry's vacation. I told him that we are having a lot of fun and right now we are eating ice cream because we stopped to get some ice cream. He said that's sounds fun and let me guess you got cookies and creme and Harry wanted vanilla and I said yes that's correct and I said Zayn how did you know that and he said oh it was just a lucky guess I said haha and your guess was right. I heard Perrie in the background and she kept on yelling at Zayn because she wanted to talk to me. Zayn gave Perrie the phone and she asked me how I was doing and I told her that I was doing wonderful and I was really having a good time with Harry. She said well that's good that y'all are having a good time and I hope that you will enjoy y'all's trip and send me and Zayn lots of pictures. I said okay and we have already taken some so I will send them to you in a little bit. She said well I will let you go so have fun and Zayn and I will talk to you later.

I hung up the phone and then Harry asked me was Zayn excited to talk to me. I told him yes that Zayn was very excited to talk to me , he said well that's good and he said so it guessing we are both done eating our ice cream and I said I guess so. He said so do you want to sit in here and talk for a little while and I said actually babe no I don't it's really chilly in here. He said well why don't we get out of here and we can go to the wax museum. I said really babe are you serious and he said yes princess I'm serious we just need to buy tickets to get in I said omg babe I am so excited and I can't wait . I love going to the wax museum and I like seeing celebrity's as wax figures.

He said I can already tell that you will love this wax museum and that you probably won't even want to leave out of it. I said babe you might be right and he said well we can't stay their and look at wax figures all day because then that will get so boring. I said we won't be their all day I just want to find all of my favorite celebrity's and take a picture next to their wax figures then I will be very happy. Harry said babe you act like such a little kid sometimes and I say hey that's not very nice and he said princess I'm just kidding I said I know and you are so rude. He said I am very nice and you know that and I would never be mean to you. We were right next to the wax museum so Harry bough our tickets when we walked In I couldn't believe that we were finally here. I found Justin's biebers wax figure so Harry took a picture of me right beside him. He said I couldn't believe you love Justin bieber more then you would love your own husband. I said Awww Aww someone seems a little jealous and he said I'm not jealous and I said yes you are and he said fine I am but just a little bit. He said I understand that you like him because he is cute and because he has made good music.

He said don't forget love the boys and I have made good music to and do good things and we are not bad like the biebs and I said now Harry don't judge him yes he has made mistakes but we all make mistakes but at least we know that we will be forgiven for our sins. I took a picture with taylor swift , Beyonce and the biebs and usher Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler, Carrie Underwood and All the girls from Little mix.

I told Harry that after he took the picture of me with little mix that I will send the picture to Zayn and Perrie and I'm sure that they will be very happy. I know that I will make Perrie happy. I walked around the museum with Harry and I found the one direction wax figures first Harry took a picture of me with his wax figure , then Liam Zayn , Niall, and Louis. I was so happy that I got to take a picture with their wax figures and after that I couldn't stop smiling. Harry knew how happy I was and he said I'm glad that you are happy now. He said now we can do something else but first we should look around and see what else we should do.

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