The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


1. Harry's surprise guest

Harry and the boys had just got back from there where we are tour. They were exhausted and tired . Harry and Liam were really upset and aggravated because they kept on getting chased by fans. The Fans wouldn't let them go anywhere without them knowing where they will be. The boys had 2 shows scheduled in New York and 4 shows scheduled in Houston and 4 more in Dallas so they had been traveling and singing all day long.

When Harry and the boys got to Harry's house Harry ran up stairs and went in his room and he found his awesome romantic girlfriend sound asleep in his bed. The girls name is Alexis and so Harry lightly tapped Alexis on her back and he said my love my love your prince is finally home . Alexis said Awww Aww Harry I'm so glad that your back and I really missed you. Harry said I missed you to Alexis and I'm sorry that you couldn't come on tour with me and the Guys. It's okay Harry I understand and y'all have busy schedules and I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. Harry said Alexis you wouldn't and I would've loved to have you their while I was away you were all I could think about I'm glad that we are finally together . Harry picked Alexis up and hugged her and he kissed her. Then he said I'll be right back my love but before that he said have you eaten and are you hungry. Alexis said yes A little . Harry said well my love I'll be right back .

Harry went downstairs into the kitchen and he made Alexis chocolate covered strawberries he knew that is what she would've have wanted and he made reservations for them to eat at her favorite restaurant the palace. He also made reservations for them to go to Disney world together and to the beach. Harry also got her favorite movie and then after he made her strawberries and all those reservations he went back to his room. Harry saw Alexis in the bed waiting on him. He said I have your favorite treats right here my love and I have special surprises for you and we are going out to dinner tonight just the two of us.

Alexis said well where will we be going Harry and Harry said it's a surprise and we are going to your favorite restaurant . Alexis said omg I'm so excited and I can't wait we haven't been together in a while since you have been on tour with the boys . I'm glad that we can spend some quality time together now. Harry asked Alexis to get dressed and to put on something cute. Alexis put on a long polka dot dress and some black flatts and she curled her hair because Harry loved it when she got all dolled up and curled her hair. Then she put on her strawberry perfume that he bought her when they first met. Then she went down stairs and she saw Harry admiring her and the way she was dressed and Harry said you look more beautiful then ever and that's what I love about you. Harry gave Alexis a kiss on the mouth and he got the keys and they went to the car. Harry said i will drive but first let me get the door for my lady. Then Harry said Alexis let me give you your snacks that I made for you and you can eat that while i drive to the restaurant. Harry grabbed a strawberry off the plate and he said Love let me do the honors and feed you one . So he did and I said Aww Harry I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world.

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