The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


4. Chef Harry's dinner

I woke up when she smelled Harry's cooking from the kitchen . She went downstairs and Harry ran upstairs to get her and he said good morning beautiful and I hope you slept like a princess . Alexis said actually Harry I did and i couldn't stop thinking about that wonderful dinner that you cooked last night. It was delicious . Harry said I'm glad that you liked the dinner that I made for us. He said I already fixed your Warm breakfast . You are having your favorite grits eggs bacon and strawberries on the side. I said Harry that sounds like a really good breakfast and thank you So much.

Harry said so just sit down and enjoy your breakfast and after that I'm Going to the store . I have to get some tea I'm gonna make both of us a cup of tea. Actually you know what I have some already so Harry started making the tea and he said here is your cup of tea my love. I said thank you and she drank all her tea. Harry said how was your tea and I said Harry the tea was really good and I loved my breakfast that you made for me. Harry fixed me more tea and we sat down at the table and we Dranked our tea Together. Harry told me he was going to clean up real fast and i can do whatever i want. I said well Harry I will go upstairs and go back to sleep I'm still kind of tired and you can join me if you want to. Harry said I will come as soon as I'm done cleaning up. I went upstairs and laid down in the bed. Harry had finished leaning up then he laid down by Me and he fell asleep first this time.

I laid there silently on Harry's chest and then she fell asleep . Harry kissed her and said sleep well my love and I love you. I mumbled and said I love you too. Harry told me I was cute when so cute when i mumble. After that neither of us said another word we were both sleeping peacefully.

Harry woke up around 1 in the afternoon and he got out of the bed quietly. He didn't want to wake Me up he put on his slippers and he went downstairs and he started getting stuff ready for the beach. Today was the day that Harry wanted to take Me to the beach we would be able to do something that we would both enjoy. I woke up from my nap around 3 and I asked Harry why was he loading up the truck. Harry said you and I are going to take a vacation to the beach today. I said Harry that is wonderful and I love the beach . I helped Harry load up the truck with the stuff that we were taking to the beach. He made turkey and cheese sandwiches for us he packed strawberries and smoothies and water. He also brought some books for us to read and he brought his camera for them to take pictures. I went back upstairs and changed into my swimsuit and then I put on a comfortable t shirt and shorts on over it. I put on my flip flops and i packed all of my stuff that I was going to take with me to the beach.

I also got my phone and my hair straightener. I went down stairs went outside and and got in the truck and by that time Harry had everything loaded in the truck. He said are you ready for this trip my love and I said you bet I am. Harry said well first I need to go to the store I'm going to buy you a blanket that you can snuggle with and when you snuggle with it make sure that you always think about me. I said Harry you know I will always think about you. When we got to Walmart Harry and I went in Walmart and I picked out the blanket that i wanted it was pink and it was really soft and it would keep me warm. I also picked out a pillow that's was pink also. Harry said is that blanket and the pillow that you want ? I said yes this is exactly what I want. Harry said ok then well we better get going Harry and I went to the checkout counter and Harry paid for the pillow and the blanket.

When they left out of Walmart they got back in the truck. I said Harry why don't you take a break from driving an I will drive for a little while. Harry said ok let's switch seats then. I said first let me get my blanket and my pillow it's gonna get really cold in the truck. Harry said I wouldn't want my love to be to cold . I got my pillow and my blanket and I snuggled up first . I started the truck and I drove all the way to the Florida beach. It only took 2 hours to get their when harry And me got their I stopped at a hotel and I checked in. Harry got everything out of the truck. I got room keys for their hotel room and Harry brought all of their things to the room. The manager said my name is Kate and your room number is 125. I found the room and she walked in and Harry followed behind her. Harry sat all of their belongings on the bed and I looked at the view of their hotel room the beach was right outside of their hotel room Harry asked Me to get ready to go on the beach. I said Harry I'm already ready my swimsuit is under my Clothes and Harry said well I'm ready to so let's get our stuff and get going.

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