Life throws a curveball at Tom when Sinead starts his school. He's strangely attracted to her. As their friendship blossoms and romance rears it's head, they have to confront an uneasy truth.


4. Mockingjay

I have to say that was the best birthday I'd ever experienced. My mum was a bit shocked that I didn't want to go out with her and my sister that day, but I'd told her that I was going with some friends from school. I didn't enlighten her as to the fact it was just one person and that was a girl. Apparently Sinead had done the same. We didn't so much walk that night, but sneak in the shadows, trying to avoid anyone we knew. It felt like we were doing something that was deliciously wicked. The film was brilliant, but then with the right person with you even the worse film in the world would be.

We'd sat together towards one side of the cinema trying to keep far away from the rest of the audience who naturally preferred the view from the middle. I sensed a nervousness about Sinead for the first time since we'd met. She was usually quite confident or at least gave that impression. We shared a big bucket of popcorn occasionally commenting on an advert or trailer. Whilst taking popcorn from the bucket my hand brushed against Sinead’s. A shiver shot up my arm engulfing my whole body with a tingling. It’s now or never had I thought, holding my breath and with the blood pounding in my ears, I touched her again, this time holding her hand and squeezing it. I could feel her eyes on mine, but I kept looking at the screen. Just when I thought I’d die from lack of air, she squeezed my hand back and rested her head on my shoulder. It’s lucky that I knew the plot of the film because I think for the next twenty minutes I just froze. Eventually I rested my head against Sinead’s head. She squeezed my hand. I was in new territory here, what should I do next. Jake would know was my initial thought. Eventually I kissed the top of her head. I felt her head move, shit I thought, now I’ve blown it. However she was just turning her head towards mine. She looked up and me with a hesitant look on her face. Instinct took over and I leaned down and kissed her lips, just a peck at first and then sensing that she wouldn’t mind I kissed again this time longer. Our mouths parted and I experienced the electric shock when our tongues met for the first time. The soundtrack of the film was just starting and the lights coming up. We pulled apart. How had the film ended? Surely it hadn’t been that short?

We wandered out of the cinema hand in hand, I wasn’t about to let go now. We ambled through the car park towards the tram stop. If I was to die now, I’d die happy. Here I was walking along with the most wonderful girl, someone who I had so much in common with. I was on top of the world. 

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