Life throws a curveball at Tom when Sinead starts his school. He's strangely attracted to her. As their friendship blossoms and romance rears it's head, they have to confront an uneasy truth.


5. Curveball

The next day at school we spent every bit of time out of lessons together. In Spanish we even were bold enough to hold hands under the desk. Senorita Brown was oblivious to us. We arranged to meet up after school. That night I went over to her house to watch TV. Her dad was out but her younger brother, James was in. He was a much a pain in the backside as was my little sister Emily. I was looking forward to a night cuddling on the settee with Sinead. He kept appearing at the most importune moments during the evening, it was almost as if he was watching through the door. Eventually he went to sleep and Sinead and I lay back in each other’s arms. You can never get sick of kissing can you? I could have stayed all night, it was that exhilarating. All too soon though we heard the front door, straightening our clothing quickly. Sinead’s dad walked into room smiling.

‘Hi’ he said pleasantly, ‘you must be Tom, enjoy the film. I hope James didn’t disturb you too much?’

I laughed. Sinead’s dad was really easy to get on with. He chatted away about football, music and films looking at me curiously from time to time. Sinead seemed really pleased that we were getting on mentioned that we shared the same birthday. Her dad stopped in his tracks at that moment and looked hard at me.

‘What’s your mums name?’ he demanded, his tone changing.

‘Juliette’ I answered puzzled.

‘Oh my god’ he said sitting back looking at me, his head in his hands, ‘you two didn’t do anything did you?’

We both flushed.

‘No Dad, I’m not that sort of girl’ Sinead said angrily.

Her add stood up and started pacing around the room, looking at me from time to time. He asked me to phone my mum. I thought he wanted to have a go at me to my mum but I did as he asked. He took the phone and went outside the room to talk to her. Sinead and I sat holding hands trying to listen what he was saying. I was scared. We honestly hadn’t done anything, well not really.

He came back in and sat down.

‘Your mothers on her way’

I started to say something but he told me to wait for my mother.

She arrived quite quickly, god was I going to for it.

‘John,’ she said to Sinead’s dad. He kissed her cheek. ‘Didn’t know you were back in town?’

Mum turned to us both sitting on the settee and looked stunned. She sat next to Sinead and flung her arms around Sinead.

‘Oh Sinead, I’ve missed you so much over the years’

Both Sinead and I looked at each other not knowing what to say.

‘ Sinead, Tom, you’re not going to believe this but I must tell you both’ She said looking at John who nodded.

‘John and I used to be married, but we married too young and couldn’t bear to live with each other anymore. I became pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and girl’

I could see where this was going and so could Sinead. I’d finally found the girl of my dreams and it turns out that she’s my sister. Life was certainly throwing me a gigantic curveball.

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