Life throws a curveball at Tom when Sinead starts his school. He's strangely attracted to her. As their friendship blossoms and romance rears it's head, they have to confront an uneasy truth.


3. Astonishment

Over the next few days over snatched lunches I got to know Sinead a little better. It was amazing that we had so much in common. Sinead was a fantastic artist and I liked looking at her drawings. Sinead had a great sense of humour and I loved hearing her laugh. Sinead was awesome and I was falling in love with someone who was awesome, like I say we had a lot in common.

It was one thing hanging around at school where it was safe, where there were always others around. However at some time I wanted to be alone with Sinead, I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her close, drinking in that sweet aroma of her scent. Now I’m not the most experienced of lads when it comes to asking a girl out, my total so far was Sarah. I’d asked her to the school disco last summer and she’d agreed, although I caught her making out with another lad before the end of the night.

That lunchtime I was determined to ask her out. She loved the Hunger Games books and the new film was due out that weekend. She came into the dining hall with Sarah, my once crush. Damn I thought, there goes my chance. They both sat down opposite me at the table. How the hell was I supposed to ask her now? Then for once Lady Fortune shone down on me. One of Sarah’s friends came in and whisked Sarah away. Now to make a fool of myself, I thought.

‘Erm, I’m thinking of going to see Mockingjay at the weekend.’ I said looking down at my sandwich whilst I talked.

‘Oh, I want to see that film’, she said. I looked up at her and she dropped her head.

‘Would you, erm, like to go with me’? I asked, my fingers tightly crossed under the table.

There was one of those silences that in films would have a large ticking clock behind.

‘Oh, Tom I can’t,’

Here we go I thought, the knockback.

‘It’s OK’ I said trying to hide the disappointment from my voice.

‘I’m sorry, you see my dad’s taking me out this weekend. You see it’s my birthday next Wednesday and he’s buying my present. Can we go next week?’ she said shyly.

‘What, your birthday’s next Wednesday ?

She nodded. I couldn’t believe what I heard.

‘My birthday’s the same day’ I stammered out. I couldn’t believe this coincidence.

‘You’re having me on’ she said a look of bewilderment on her face.

I shook my head. We stared at each other with open mouths. How incredible was that.

‘We could go out to see the film on our birthday.’ She said eventually, ‘unless you’re busy’

I nodded

‘It’s a date then,’ she said and instantly went red, ‘I mean we’ll watch the film’

I laughed ‘OK’

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