Life throws a curveball at Tom when Sinead starts his school. He's strangely attracted to her. As their friendship blossoms and romance rears it's head, they have to confront an uneasy truth.


1. A Light

Life has a habit of pitching you curveballs when you least expect them. For me the biggest curveball I got was during Spanish one afternoon. There I was sat at the back, all on my own. Don’t ask me why, apparently my teacher, Senorita Brown, thought I worked better on my own. Well Spanish was the least favourite of my subjects, I mean for someone who rarely left the confines of Stockby why would I ever need that. Anyway there was me trying to understand all these Spanish words, wondering if I could sneak onto Google Translate on my phone, when the pitch came through the door.

Well when I say pitch, what I really mean is a girl. I looked up as the door opened and then back to my lap where I’d managed to get the phone out. I was typing in the strange Spanish phrase when my brain told me I was missing something. My head sprung back up and my eyes fixed on the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid my eyes on. I’d never seen this vision of beauty before. She was stood looking nervous whilst Herr Gruber, our head of year, was talking to Senorita Brown. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She scanned the class looking at us all. Most of them had their heads down busy working. Her eyes met mine and I quickly dipped my head, my face flushing. She looked vaguely familiar, but judging by the state of her uniform was new to the school.

It was obvious by the exchange between the two teachers that this girl was going to join the class. Unbelievably the only seat left, was next to me. I flushed again as she sat down next to me. The smell of her perfume wafted across filling my nostrils with its sweet exotic aroma. I tried to put my phone back in my pocket, but my hands had become clammy and wet and it slipped with a clatter on the floor at her feet. She smiled at me shyly, reaching down to pick the phone up. She handed it to me. I muttered my thanks and looked down into my book. I occasionally glanced over to her, trying not to be spotted. She was busy working, her handwriting neat and unfussy. She was obviously a lot better at this subject than me. At one point she must have noticed my looks because she turned her book my way so that I could copy what she had done. The end of the lesson came way too quick for me. Usually I want it to end but today I was enjoying myself.

I walked out of the class with her.

‘Thanks for that help, Spanish isn’t my subject’ I said weakly

‘That’s Ok, I could see you were struggling’ she said smiling, ‘I’m new to the school, I’m Sinead’

‘I’m Tom’ I replied.

I was about to ask her if she needed showing around the school, It was at that moment that Jake came out of class and dragged me the other way. I looked back as I was being marched down the corridor and saw that Sinead was stood watching my departure, this was a girl I wanted to get to know better.

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