Dreamless. Emotionless. Detached. Glacial. Violet has had her ability to feel emotions wiped from her, turning her into a Glacial. Any emotion she ever feels from now on will be the result of an injection of a particular stigma. At least that was the plan, but an error in the procedure caused a few things to be left behind, barely there but still present. Including the most powerful emotion of all, that could destroy every plan laid out for her. This tiny fragment of emotion is all she has left in a monochrome-minded world, and is something she must protect at all costs.


1. Prologue

She was young, the night she was ravaged. She was innocent, and guileless, with a simple, honest beauty that would have served her well over the course of her life. She was taken brutally, her mind defiled without mercy, and left recovering from the touch of death chained, as per usual, in her hospital bed by the window, with the only evidence being a single drop of blood in the crook of her right arm. So savage was her mental violation, her agonised screams were said to resonate throughout the entire wing, even after the anaesthetic took effect, and throughout the hospital grounds as the shrieking winds that can be heard when the moon hangs just right and the stars start to shine. Accused of treason, she was bound as a prisoner and brutally fixed in place by screws and iron bands to the steel table - after being kept locked away for nearly two weeks after her surprise arrest from the city streets - before the violation of her Lateral Orbifrontal cortex and amygdala.

Once her emotional perception ability had left her, the doctors assigned to this young girl wrapped her in the grey hospital gown of the Glacials, and transferred her to the next wing, in which she now lay. Her long hair, neither brown nor blonde, lay behind her on the thin mattress, and her eyes lay closed, making her appear to be simply unharmed and asleep.

As the shackles around her sore wrists were removed for the last time, she awoke to reveal hazel eyes, and shuddered in fright at the new world she had been forced into. In her old world she had been gentle, of happiness and love for her family, with anger reserved for acts of cruelty, and sadness reserved for the typical bad days a fifteen year old girl would be expected to go through. In this new world, she was blank, cold, and unresponsive, with neither smile, frown, or tear able to appear without official recognition. The violence of her attempt to fight back from the procedure paled in contrast to the carnage that had been done to her mind. Her ability to feel emotion had been ripped out with liquid teeth, and her smiles, laughter, frowns and tears had been consumed by the stigma injected into her.

Except a few. A few hints of ability, a few synapses and neurons, had escaped, and laughed murderously in her mind at their escape, having resorted to detaching the needle via violent seizures and a clamping pressure, squeezing at her heart.

That all lay on official records though, the seizures and heart attack, which halted the procedure. No ability of perception was intended to be left in her mind, but her own fragile nature had saved a part, though she didn't know that. She lay soundlessly on her hospital bed, dressed in grey, looking up at the doctors through the haze of anaesthetic, and the empty-hearted world that she had entered. The world of the Glacial, confirmed by the seizing of her left arm, and the injection of a little stigma coloured in light blue. The stigma for calmness, to keep her content whilst her new status was explained to her for the first time.

Glacial. Emotionless. Lucky to recieve a second chance. Punished for her crimes by her loss of emotional perception, her loss of status as a citizen, and her loss of status as a person.

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