One Direction One Shots [boyxboy]

I've had so many ideas for stories and stuff so I'm making a one shot book! You can send in request if you want!(: BoyxBoy only though!


5. Ziall (Smutty)

    Niall's dad was going to marry a new woman. His mum had died at birth, so it had been just Niall and his Dad until he turned 10 and his Dad started to date someone. Three years later he's getting married. His new mum also had a son. Her son was 18. Niall and him never spoke to each other as much as their parents wanted them to. His name was Zayn and Niall couldn't help but feel bad about himself because Zayn got along with his Dad better than he did. His Dad was a huge sports fan and so was Zayn. 

    When Niall and his dad moved into the new house Zayn's mum ordered him to help Niall and try to get along with him. Zayn groaned but did as he was told. He walked down stairs and out the door as Bobby and Niall got there. Zayn smiled and waved. When the car stopped he went towards Bobby's side of the car. "Do you need help with anything?" They left most of their things their old house, things like couches and chairs and such. They really didn't need them since Zayn's mum had already had couches, chairs, and extra beds. "Could you help Niall? He has a bucket full of his games but it's to heavy for him to carry." "No problem." Zayn smiled and looked at Niall who was staring at him.

    Zayn went to the back of the car and saw the big green bucket with NIALL in bad hand writing. He grabbed the bucket, and damn was it heavy. But he wanted to look strong in front of his new dad and brother. Zayn huffed and climbed up the stairs to the house then to up the stairs in the house. He went slow, trying not to drop the bucket. Zayn could only imagine what kind of games he had. He got to Niall's room and placed the bucket on the floor trying to catch his breath. "The fuck does he have in here?" He opened the lid and saw an X Box 360, PS3, PS4, Wii, X Box 1 and a lot of games. From what he knew Bobby was rather on the not-so-rich side. It's probably because he wanted to give Niall everything he wanted. 

    He turned around to see Niall staring at him. "Holy shit-" Zayn grabbed his chest. "Scared me!" Niall started to laugh and Zayn started to laugh too. He heard a phone go off and watch Niall take out his iPhone 5 and start texting away. Zayn walked past Niall to help some more but looked at Niall's screen while walking. I just scared my step brother (laughing face, laughing face) He was texting someone with the name of Harry. For some reason, he felt like he needed to make sure this Harry wasn't a bad kid or anything. He felt like he had to protect his new little brother. He snatched the phone from Niall. 

   "What the-" Zayn ran into his room and could hear Niall running after him. He ran into the bathroom and locked the door. He went through the messages, seeing Harry wasn't a bad kid. "Give me back my phone!" Niall banged on the door. He went through messages with a Louis. This kid seemed very immature. Look what I found in my dad's closet. Then there was a picture of a gay magzine. Zayn didn't like him. Niall seemed to innocent for that.

   He unlocked the door and handed Niall his phone back. Niall gave him a glare. 'Why did you take my phone?!" "I don't want you texting that Lewis unless I'm watcing." Zayn crossed his arms. "Excuse you, it's LouE." Niall started to walk away before Zayn walked in front of him. "I'm being serious." Zayn bent down and looked Niall in the eyes. Niall started to blush and nod. He wasn't use to that kind of tone in anyone's voice. Everyone was always so nice to him. But for some Niall liked being talked like that. He put his phone away in his pocket and started to wak with Zayn downstairs.


    It's now been a month since Niall moved in and Zayn was being extra protective. Their parents think it's cute but Niall get annoyed when he's trying to use his phone and Zayn is right behind him staring at his screen. Same with when he's doing anthing. Watching t.v, on the computer, etc. He wouldn't even let Niall go to his friend Louis' house. 

    Right now it was midnight and Niall was in bed. He was texting away to Louis and Harry in a group chat. He had stole his phone back from Zayn since Zayn was asleep. His stomach started to rumble and he decided to go down to the kitchen to get something to eat. He walked downstairs in one of Zayn's shirts and his tight superman boxer briefs.  

    Standing in front of the fridge texting away, he didn't notice his older step brother behind crossing his arms. "Niall." Niall jumped so high and nearly broke his phone when he dropped it. He turned around to see a angry Zayn. Niall was a bit scared. "What did I tell you about texting?" "Uh, I-" Niall didn't know what to say. Zayn shook his head. Usually Niall's dad would just say 'don't do it again'. But zayn was different and he was scared on how he did it. "Come with me." Niall bowed his head followed Zayn. Zayn let Niall walk up the stiars first but only to watch his small innocent bum move as he walked.

    "Go in my room." Zayn demanded. Niall did as he was told and sat on Zayn's bed. He looked around Zayn's room as Zayn walked in. Zayn forcefully made Niall lay down on the bed. Niall could feel his boxers getting even tighter. He tried to move to hide it but Zayn just pushed him back down. "Stop. This is you punishment." He started to rub Niall's thighs and watched as the super man boxers started to show Niall's outline of his dick. Zayn smirked. He got closer and closer to Niall's cock but then went back down to his leg. 

   Niall tried to move his hand to touch himself but Zayn stopped him. "No." Niall whined. Zayn started to rub his own cock from his pajama pants. He made Niall sit up. He saw Niall was trying not to look at him but faliling. "Do you want to touch it?" Zayn whispered. Niall sheepishly nodded. Zayn moved his hand "Then go ahead." Niall looked up at Zayn and reached his hand out to touch Zayn's dick. He put his smaller hand on the much larger dick. Niall was blushing like crazy but he liked touching it. 

    "Can I take it out?" Niall asked. Zayn nodded and put his hand in Niall's hair. Niall pulled Zayn's dick through his underwear and pajama pants hole. It was huge compared to Niall's. Niall wrapped his fingers around the cock, which wasn't hard all the way so it was just hanging there. Niall pumped it for a bit and blushed deeper at the small moans coming from Zayn. He went to touch himself but Zayn stopped him. "No." 

    Niall whined but then quickly went quiet just in case Zayn deicded to pull his dick away from him. "Do you want to suck me?" Niall eyes brightened up. Louis always told him how great dick tasted. Louis was 16 and him and Harry seemed to have sex a lot. A. Lot. He was fianlly going to get to taste dick. He made his mouth as big as he could to try and fit the cock in his mouth. He only went a few inches past the head. It felt amazing to both od them. Niall's mouth was so warm and tounge was so soft. Niall slide his tounge along the back of Zayn's dick and it just felt to good to stand up. 

    After a few more mintues of that Zayn started to cum. Niall let the cum go down his throat, but it was a lot of cum and some of it was spilling out of his mouth. The taste was weird. It wasn't good, but also wasn't bad either. it tasted salty. When Zayn stopped he let Niall like him some more befre exsiting his little brother's mouth. "You're sleeping with me tonight. To make sure you try and touch yourself." Niall really needed to cum but he listened to his older step brother and went under the covers with Zayn. He went to bed with a boner and woke up with a boner the next morning.


   It's been a week since Zayn caught Niall on his phone. Niall sleeps with Zayn to make sure he doesn't touch himself at night, Zayn watches Niall take showers and use the bathroom, Niall feeling weird having someone watching him. He made sure Niall was around him all time. Their parents thought of it as nothing and thought it was cute. They haden't caught Zayn watching Niall though. Of course if they found out Zayn would be in big troube.

   Right now Niall was giving Zayn another blow job while Zayn was on Niall's phone going through his pictures. Niall took a bit more of Zayn in and it surprised Zayn. Niall usually only took four inches in of eight inches. But now he had took five inches in. He put Niall's phone down and put his hand in Niall's hair again and made him go deeper. "Niall, I'm going to fuck your pretty face okay?" Niall looked scared at first but nodded the best he could around Zayn's dick. Zayn made them got to the edge of the bed and forced his dick to go all the way down niall's throat.

   Niall was crying a bit because it did hurt. But he let Zayn do it. Zayn held Niall's throat while thrusting into his mouth. Zayn was moaning, it felt so good. He wanted to do this to his ass but knew that would hurt worst. He made Niall's face go all the way until it touched Zayn's pubic hairs. Niall started to make chocking noises which just made him cum hot down his throat. When he was done he let go of Niall. Niall did his best to catch his breath while coughing. Zayn rubbed Niall's back while his other hand went to Niall's smaller dick.

   "Are you ready to cum?" Niall whiped the tears off his face and started to smile. Zayn smiled and removed Niall's black tight boxers. Niall's dick was pale unlike Zayn's. Zayn took it in his hand and started to pump it slowly. "Can you suck me like I suck you?" Zayn made Niall lay down on the bed and put the cock in his mouth. Zayn was able to put the whole dick in his mouth and moved his tounge around it. Niall started to moan and was glad their parent's room was on the very top floor. Zayn put one of his fingers in his mouth also as he moved his head around Niall's.

   Zayn but his wet finger near Niall's hole and slowly pushed it in. Niall started to breath harder. Zayn finger dug in Niall's hole looking for that one spot. He felt the spot and started to curve his fingers right there. Niall's moans got louder and he moved his hips with Zayn's finger while Zayn sucked him. This was all too much for Niall and without cumming for a week , he cummed hard into Zayn's throat and there was a lot. Zayn was able to not spill any of it and swallow the load. But then there was another load and Zayn had a bit more tourble. 

   When Niall was done, Zayn removed himself from Niall and watched as Niall drifted to sleep. Zayn smiled. "I wish he would get in troube more often."


A/N: GUIES Ik, it's been 584903 years. But I hoped you like this one shot! I know I did c; Nouis is most likely next!

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