One Direction One Shots [boyxboy]

I've had so many ideas for stories and stuff so I'm making a one shot book! You can send in request if you want!(: BoyxBoy only though!


4. Vote for next one shot

Hey guys, I was wondering what prompt you would want to read next. 

1.) Pairing: Ziam/Zouis. Underage. Smut/Fluff?. Zouis is adopting another two year old for their son, Harry, to have a brother to grow up with. When adopting Niall, they ask them if they would also adopt Liam, as the Orphanage was closing. Liam was 16, Louis convinced him he could help take care of the too two year olds. One night Zayn hears moving outside in the hallway and he goes to look who it was. He sees Liam's door closing so he goes to his room. Zayn ask what he was doing but stops when he hears crying. He tries to make Liam feel better but his way may not be parent like. 

2.) Pairing: Ziall. Underage. Smut. Niall's mum is marrying a new man and the man has a son that's six years older than Niall, Niall being 13. His step brother's name is Zayn and Zayn feels that he needs to protect his new little brother. He didn't let Niall go anywhere without him, he didn't let Niall use the computer unless he was watching, he didn't even let Niall text his friends unless he was watching him. One night Niall is texting away to his friend Liam. He was thinking Zayn was most likely asleep. He gets hungry and goes downstairs to the kitchen in one of Zayn's old shirts and tight superman boxers, still texting. With the fridge door wide open texting, Zayn looks down at Niall from behind and is already planning his punishment. (he isn't allowed to cum for awhile)

3.) Paring: Niam. Based off a fanfic I never finished. Fluff. Niall's parents died when he was around 7 and his brother blamed Niall since. Instead of his brother taking care of him, he would rather stay in his room with his friends smoking pot and drinking. They died in a car accident on the way home. Ten years later Drew, Niall's brother, made them move to a small apartment. Niall had to go to a new school. He meets Liam Payne, a person who seems to not leave Niall alone, knowing something was off about him. Liam was kind hearted and always helped people. When their teacher said they were doing a project, Liam made Niall his project partner. One day when Liam is picking Niall up he heard a scream coming from his apartment. (Drew tries to kill Niall and Liam saves him.)

3.) Paring: Larry. Based off fanfic I never finished. Fluff. Punk!Louis. Nerd!Harry. Louis is kicked out of his class and put into another one, a advance class. When the teacher notices Louis failing she suggests Harry to help him. While studying, they kissed. Louis started to freak out and advoided Harry for awhile. He went to his best mate Zayn for help. Zayn simply told him all his weird feelings meant he was in love. When he goes to Harry, Harry is walking with another ounk boy hands in hands. (it's harry's ex & he's abusive towards him so Niall and Liam [Harry's best frann's] ask him to try and change Harry's mind. Louis ends up fighting his bf k.)

3.) Paring: Larry. Fluff?  One Direction fianlly gets a day off and Harry wants to spend the day with his boyfriend. When they're watching a movie Louis sits on the far end of the table and Harry textes Louis' phone until he lays with Harry and watches the movie. (Probably be really short.)

4.) Paring: Lirry. Smut. Liam and Harry are gym buddies. They're changing into gym wear and Liam can't help but look back at Harry in only a jock strap. (Liam obviously fucks him lolol) 

5.) Paring: Nouis. Smut. I'm guessing underage though they're both 15? Based off a prompt I saw on Tumblr.  Niall goes over to Louis' to spend the night. Niall asks if he can use his laptop, Louis saying sure. When Louis catches Niall watching porn. Louis asks why he's watching that on his laptop and he says his parents blocked the websites and either watch it with him or leave him alone. Louis agrees to watch with him. Niall asks if Louis would do what the female is doing to the guy and Louis agrees.

6.) It's kinda based off the movie The Family. Zarry parents. Liam, Louis, and Niall kids duh. Louis oldest, Niall middle, Louis youngest. If you don't know the movie The Family you should go watch it, it's great! Just search it on Google or some shit to watch it xD. 

Please help me pick which one I should write next! Thanks, byyee xx [=

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