One Direction One Shots [boyxboy]

I've had so many ideas for stories and stuff so I'm making a one shot book! You can send in request if you want!(: BoyxBoy only though!


2. Niam (smutty)

Liam and Niall have been dating almost over a year now, their anniversary tonight. They haven't really have sex yet, just been hand jobs and blow jobs. Niall suggested that they do go all the way on their anniversary. Liam agreed quickly and happily. Liam wants Niall's first time to be really specials so he went all out for the dinner date, he left some roses leading into the bedroom, and he even turned off the lights and lit candles. Right now, Niall was at work (which is being a waiter at a bar) and Liam smiled as he saw everything was set. He heard his phone go off and saw That One Fab Gay flash on his phone. It was louis; Louis stole Liam's phone and changed all his contacts and he left his like it was.


"A little birdie told me you and nialler were going to have sex for the first time?" Liam could tell louis was smirking through the phone.

"Well- uh.. maybe.." Liam mumbled.

"Do you want any tips?"

"What? No! Besides, you're the one that takes it."

Louis huffed and Liam laughed. "I gotta go anyways, Niall is about to be home. Bye."

"Make sure you-" before he could finish his sentence Liam hung up.

He checked on the food to see if it was done, which it was. He placed it on the two plates and he heard the door open.

"Babe!" He heard Niall call out. Liam rushed to the front door to greet Niall. "Why is all the lights off?" Niall asked looking confused and around their house. 

Liam smiled "Come with me." He grabbed Niall's hand and started to walk towards the dinning room. 

Niall started to smile as soon as he saw the dinner table and candles. "You're so sweet." Niall said, kissing Liam.

They sat down to eat and Niall started to tell Liam about his work. "I can't believe we have been together for a whole year." Niall says smiling. 

Liam chuckles "Why can't you believe it? Am I too much for you?" Liam teased. 

Niall scoffed but laughed and kept eating. When Liam noticed Niall's plate was almost finish, he felt suddenly nervous. He wasn't sure why but he knew it had something about what was going to happen in the bedroom. Liam has had sex before but the thing is Niall hasn't. Liam knows it's going to hurt Niall, a lot. And he knows he's not small. That's just going to add to the pain or shall I say...Payne. Liam chuckled at his on lame joke Gosh, now I sound like Harry.

"What's so funny?" Niall asked, setting his napkin on his empty plate. Liam flushes "Nothinbuuuuut," Liam extends but while smiling "Remember what you said?" 

Niall turns a bright red color around his cheeks but smirks "Of course I do." Niall tries to act sexy for Liam but it comes out more adorable for Liam instead. Liam grins before standing up and picking Niall up, Niall laughing as he does so. Liam kisses Niall as he starts to walk towards their room. He places Niall gently on the bed, putting his hands under Niall's shirt to feel his soft pale skin. He rubbed over Niall's abs, liking the feel of them.

"You've been working out?"

"Maybe." Niall giggled before making Liam kiss him again. 

Liam moved his hands upward until his Niall's shirt was almost off. He flicked Niall's left nipple with his thumb which earn him a deeper blush and little moan. Liam smiled and took off Niall's shirt. Niall played with the hem of Liam's shirt, saying he wanted it off. Liam did as Niall wanted and took his shirt off quickly, Niall's hands going straight to the exposed skin. Liam chuckled, Niall always did have a thing with Liam's chest. But he knows what he likes better. Liam leaned down to mess with Niall's belt buckle. Niall's fingers went down Liam's happy trail and Niall sure was happy. Liam pulled the belt off and began unbuttoning his jeans. Niall started to do the same with Liam. They got each others' jeans off, leaving them only in their boxers and Liam laid Niall once again. He stretched Niall's legs open a bit, rubbing his thighs up and down. He got really close to Niall's cock, but slid his hands away and he heard Niall grunt. Liam just laughed at the obvious boner Niall had. He went under Niall's boxers this time and touched Niall's balls, making Niall gasp. Liam laid on his stomach and scooted closer towards Niall's area. He looked in Niall's eyes as he pulled down Niall's boxers, Niall staring back. He heard Niall gasp yet again as he stuck the head in his mouth. Liam opened his eyes to look at Niall who was staring back with his mouth parted sightly. Liam nor Niall was much of a deep throater and since they're trying new things, Liam might as well too. Liam went Down further and further until he couldn't take anymore of Niall. There wasn't much left bit Liam knew it wasn't going to fit.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Niall was pretty much wide eyed at how much Liam could take. 

Liam looked up at Niall, obviously not being able to answer. Liam started to bob his head and he heard Niall's moans be louder than usual. A few minutes later Liam let Niall go, not wanting him to cum just yet.

"Baaaabe!" Niall poutedLiam just chuckled "Don't want cha to cum yet. Gotta wait." Liam chuckled.

 Niall pouted more and Liam kissed his pouting lips. Liam rubbed one hand over Niall's balls then his hole. Liam fingered Niall a few times and Niall did it to Liam once just because Liam wanted to know how it felt. Liam let go off Niall before grabbing the lube and condom that was in the bottom drawer. He put lube on his finger before putting it inside NiallNiall let out a breath of air.

 Liam did that for a few minutes before Niall spoke up "B-babe.. Can you just...?" 

Liam pulled his finger out sorta quickly, eager to do 'it'. Liam took his boxers off and put the condom on.

He lined up and said "Are you ready?" Niall nodded face completely red. Liam put the head of his cock in NiallNiall cling to Liam's shoulder and dig his face in his chest.

"Are you okay?" Liam asked.

He felt Niall nod so he started to go in more. When he was in half way he could hear a muffled sob. He frowned "Niall, baby, are you okay?"

After a few seconds, he felt Niall shake his head. 

Liam started to pull out and Niall let out a loud sob.

"Shh, it's okay.." When Liam was completely out Niall was still holding on to him for life.

"Lets just go to sleep.." Liam suggested and kiss the top of Niall's head. That night Liam stayed up feeling awful and guilty and wondering how he could make it up to Niall.


Liam woke up early in the morning, even though it was Saturday. Liam saw Niall still holding into him lightly. He was able to move Niall's limbs off him and went to take a shower. In the shower he thought about what happen last night. He didn't mean to hurt Niall. How could he make it up? Niall loves food just as much he loved him, so he had to do something with food of course. He sighed then started to clean himself and got out of the shower. He wrapped the towel around himself and heard a vibrating noise. He walked into their room to see his phone lighting up.


"Did you get some?" He heard Louis' voice say.

 Liam sighed "No.. I kinda hurt him." Liam whispered.

"See, I told you I could give you tips."

"Shut up Louis- wait, do you have an idea on how I could make it up for him? Y'know, hurting him?"

"Oh yes I do."

 Liam wasn't sure if what Louis was going to say would be good or not. After Louis told him Liam could feel himself growing under the towel.

"That's actually not a bad idea Lou. I gotta go bye."

Louis said bye and he hung up the phone. He already got everything planned out. Now he just had to get dressed and buy everything. He left a note just in case Niall thought that he left him because he couldn't stand having a 11 inch dick inside him

. ~*~

That night, Liam made another dinner and brought it to NiallNiall laying in bed saying he was going to have a lazy day. Niall was still naked under the sheets and covers, which was just fine with Liam.

"Thanks." Niall kissed Liam while sitting up to get his plate. 

Niall was watching TV while Liam climbed in beside him, taking off all his clothes but his boxers. He climbed in close to Niall and grabbed his plate off the nightstand. After Liam was done eating he put his plate on the nightstand table and got closer to Niall, close enough both their legs were touching. Liam placed his hand under the cover, resting it on Niall's thigh.

 Niall giggled "What are you doing?"

"Just touching my boyfriend, is that so bad?"

"Yes when he's trying to eat." 

Liam rolled his eyes and moved his hand to rub down and up his thigh. He kept doing this and he could see the sheets go up around Niall's area. He looked up at Niall, who was eating and blushing lightly. Liam moved his hand to touch over Niall's dick, which was forming hard under his touch. He squeezed it a little making Niall jump.

"Can I at least finish eating?" Niall blushed more.

"I'm not making you stop eating." Liam started to pump his hand. 

Niall put his plate to the side and moved over to Liam. He moved the sheets off of them and put his hand over Liam's clothed dick.

"Why are you wearing these?" Niall huffed. 

Liam laughed and slid them down for NiallNiall placed his hand on it and started to pump it like Liam was pumping his. He leaned in to kiss Liam which ended up of them snogging. Liam pulled away and went down. He stuck the tip of the head of Niall into his mouth and a little moan escaped Niall's lips. Liam went deeper and deeper, until he was pretty much deep throatingNiall was a moaning mess under him. Liam popped off, knowing Niall was close. 

Niall grunted "Babe!" 

Liam fliped them around where Niall was laying on top of him, Niall's face right near his 11 inch. Niall guessed he wanted to do a 69. Niall stuck Liam's into his mouth but instead he felt a tongue near his hole.

His eyes went wide "What are you doing?" Niall asked, removing Liam's cock out of his mouth.

"Trying something new, just keep sucking." 

Niall did as he was told and he felt Liam's tongue lick against his hole again. He felt Liam's tongue invaid into him and he couldn't help but sqirum a bit. It felt amazing and he couldn't get enough of it. He pressed his body more against Liam's face while still trying to give him head. Liam starts to dig his tongue deeper, making Niall moan louder, the moans vibrating on Liam's dick. Liam let a moan and kept making his tonuge go in and out. Soon he felt warm liquid on his chest. He kept going until he came in Niall's mouth. They pulled off each other and Liam pulled Niall into his chest.

"That was great," Niall said out of breath "I love you."

"I love you." Liam cut off the Tv and light and went to sleep, cuddled up to Niall.

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