One Direction One Shots [boyxboy]

I've had so many ideas for stories and stuff so I'm making a one shot book! You can send in request if you want!(: BoyxBoy only though!


3. Narry (fluffy)

Narry (Fluff) 

Niall's parents use to always fight when they married, even when he was around and being such at a young age. When they did divorced, Niall was 9 and the reason was because his father started to hit him like he does to his mum. The first day of school, Niall met another nine year old of the name Harry Styles. Harry was the only one who would talk to Niall since Niall was known as the new kid and had weird teeth. When Niall was 11, he met Liam Payne, one of Harry's friends. They were in a different class. So now Harry and Liam would be the only ones to hang out with Niall. Niall always stayed to himself and was quiet. When he turned 12 he met Zayn. At first he was a bit awkward with him, but this time Zayn was the new kid. When he turned 14, Zayn brought along his friend Louis. They all became friends and now they were all 17.

Zayn, Liam, and Louis could tell over the years that Niall and Harry were closer than the rest of them. They were all best mates, and told all their secrets - at least most from Niall. Niall noticed he started to have strange feelings for Harry. He saw the rest of his mates as brothers, but with Harry it was just different. There was something about Harry that he could see him as a boyfriend, a husband, a lover, a father. No one knew of this, only he did. Harry was suppose to be coming to spend the night this weekend. But, his mum had other plans for Niall.

"Niall!" He heard his mum yelled for him. Niall went down the stairs. "Yeah?" "What is this?" She pointed to Niall's grades, pointing at sciene: 78. "My grades...?" "Awful grades! Why are you so stupid?" His mum slammed the paper down. She gave Niall a look. "It's that Harry boy isn't it?" Niall went pale "It is! Goddammit, my son is a faggot." She started to pace "Go to your room."

As soon as Niall closed the door he burst out crying, he couldn't believe his mum would call him that. He always thought his mum would accpect him but there was that little fear of being called names like that. A few minutes pasted before he heard his name being called. He was scared, scared of what she would do, scared of what she would say. He slowly went down the stairs. He arrived into the kitchen where his mum was sitting down in one of the chairs of the table. He sat in front of her. "You're not allowed to see Harry anymore. Or the rest of those other boys you probably like. You will be going to your dad's every weekend for now on, he said he wanted to spend more time with you even though you're a disgusting person. I will need your phone and laptop, you will not be able to use the computer either." Niall sat there stunned. He looked his mother in the eye. "You're... You're serious?" His mum nodded.

Niall went from upset, mad, depressed, then terrifed. He had to go to his dad's, the man who use to abuse his mum and beat him when he had the chance before they left. Niall stood up and walked to his room to get his phone and laptop. "Oh Niall," she yelled from down the stairs "Don't even think about texting Harry." Niall grunted. How was he suppose to tell Harry and the others about this? "I'm gay so I can't have friends anymore"? He walked downstairs and gave his mum the electronics.

He walked up to his room, closed the door silently, walked over to his bed, and sat there. Tears streamed out of his eyes of thought of never being able to talk to his best friends again. Then again, how was his mum suppose to know if he has or not? He'll just say he is grounded for awhile for bad grades. Around half a hour later his mum was knocking on his door, telling him to get his stuff ready to go to his dad's. Niall packed his book-bag with two pairs of clothes, one being pajamas, and his binder. He kept his other binders at school, this one was for homework. His mum told him to wait outside. He sat there on the step of the house for awhile before a pick-up truck went into the driveway. Niall guessed that was his Dad and walked up to the truck. He went to the driver side.

The window went down and it was his Dad- at least he thinks. This man didn't have a beard, red eyes, worn out clothes, and didn't stink. "Dad?" His Dad smiled big "C'mon and get in." He seemed so kind. Niall got into the vehicle and they started to drive towards his. "So, you're gay?" Niall nodded a little bit. His Dad smiled at him, looking back at the road, both hands on the wheel and said with the kind smile on his face "I'm going to beat the living shit out of you when we get to my house."


Niall layed on the floor crying. He hurt all over his body, mostly his side because his Dad had kicked him with his boots on multi times. He clmibed to the old worthless bed in the room he was staying in. Niall can't believe he's getting all this just for liking the same gender as his. He wasn't sure what time it was but he was sure it was around 12 a.m. His dad went all out on him, catching up on all the years I didn't get to hit you he had said. Niall got under the skinny sheets and cried with his body facing the wall.

He heard the door open. He held his breath. "Niall, you can't tell anyone about this. If you tell one living thing and put me in jail, I will escape and kill you." His Dad said in a serious voice. "Well goodnight!" He said in a cheery, happy mood. Niall was so confused by his father. How can someone be like that? Dead serious then super happy? He finally falls asleep thinking about all of his friends coming in and saving him. Something that will never happen.


It was Monday, and Niall could never be so happy to go to school. All weekend he tried to hide from his Dad in the small household he was in. His Dad would beat him for a few hours then act as if he was a caring father. Niall walked into his homeroom, only Zayn and Liam was in his homeroom. As soon as he walked in he tried to avoid them but Liam caught him coming in, well limping in. "Hey Ni!" Niall knew his mum wouldn't find out that he was talking to his friends but he was scared that they would notice he was hurt. Niall sat in the chair beside Zayn, Zayn now being in the middle. "Why are you limping Nialler?" Liam asked. "Oh, fell down the stairs. Clumsy." Niall shrugged with a cute little smile that made Zayn and Liam smile. "Way to go." Zayn rolled his eyes. Niall just laughed. "Why couldn't Harry come over? He texted us saying your mum said you changed your mind about him coming over."

Niall bolied, he would never change his mind about his best friends coming over. "Yeah he seemed pretty upset." Liam added. "I didn't change my mind, my mum grounded me for getting a bad grade." That was the truth. "Ahh, why he wasn't texting him back." Zayn said sitting back in his chair. Niall felt weird in his stomach about Harry getting upset about him not replying and not wanting him to come over.

Niall went to first period, where only him and Louis were together. Louis questioned Niall's limping, he lied, then Louis asked about Harry not being to come over, he lied but also told the truth. The next period was music, which all of them were in. Louis helped Niall walking a bit and arrived to the class. Harry grinned as soon as he saw Niall walk into the door. Niall started to blush and smile back. Louis let go of Niall and sat beside Zayn. Niall limped for a little bit and Harry noticed right away. Liam had already explained everything to Harry Niall had told them.

"How'd you fall down the stairs?" Niall shrugs with a smile and the class begins. "It sucks that you're grounded." Harry whispers while the teacher is talking about an old singer. "Yeah, I know." Niall whispered, laying his head between his arms. He felt Harry rub his back and he couldn't help but feel safe.

Throughout the day Harry would help walk Niall to his class and walk him to lunch. Niall didn't mind and felt very happy about it. The end of the day Harry suggested that he drove Niall home and Niall wasn't sure if that was a good idea. They were talking about it on the way out when Niall saw his dad's truck. He saw his Dad wave at him and smile, all fake.

"Who's that?" Harry asked. "My Dad.. Guess he's taking me home, b-bye Harry." Niall was extremly nervous. "Wait what, I thought your Dad use to hit and yell at you and your mum?" Harry grabbed Niall's arm. "He's cha-changed.." Harry knew when Niall was lying. "Just be safe, okay? Here take my phone, call whenever." Niall shoved the phone quickly in his front pocket. "Bye." "Bye.." Niall limped towards his Dad's truck.

His Dad kept the smile on his face the whole time. "Who was that, was that Harry?" Niall nodded. "Your mum told you to don't hang out with them people anymore, and if I saw you with them, to beat you." Niall started to panic, he never his mum was like this. They arrived at Niall's and his Dad took his book bag for him. They got into the house, and Niall tried running. His dad slammed the front door shut and grabbed Niall's shirt. "Bad, bad boy."

~*~ Niall hid in his room for the rest of the day. He didn't go out of the room once. He was starving and really had to use the bathroom. Should he call Harry? Niall pulled out the iPhone he was givin. He typed Harry's passcode, 6969, and went through his contacts. He looked through favorites NiallerDr. PayneBoo BearDJ MalikMumGemma. Niall went to contacts and typed Home in. He found it and pressed call.


Harry was sitting on the couch with his sister. They were watching some random show, Harry not paying attention to it. He was too worried about Niall. He had a feeling since his Dad was back in the picture, he didn't just simply fall down the stairs. Suddenly the home phones started to ring. Before he could pick it up his Mum did. "Hello?" He listened from the other phone. "I-is harry there?" He heard Niall's voice whisper. "Niall? Why do you have Harry's phone?" "Mum, I'll take this call to my room." Harry shouted and ran to his room. "Niall are you okay?" "Uhm yeah-" Niall stopped talking. "What the fuck Niall, where did that phone come from?"

Harry heard Niall's mum's voice yell. He heard moving around and he guess someone took the phone. "Who is this?" This time it was a male voice. Harry didn't answer. He heard Niall shout and scream in pain and he dropped the phone and ran as fast to his car as fast he could. Harry's mum was calling after him but he ran in his car and drove towards Niall's. He was going way over the limit. He got to Niall's few mintues later stopping a few houses back.

He went towards a big tree that was close to Niall's window. They use to climb the tree all the time. He got to the top and looked through the window. Niall was crying, huddled up in a ball, bleeding slightly. Harry looked around to make sure no one else was in the room. He knocked on the window quietly and Niall's eyes went wide seeing Harry. He stood up and opened the window for Harry to come in. "What are you doing here?" Niall asked. "Getting you away from these people. Why are they doing this? Was your mum always like this?" Niall took a deep breath. "She found out that I was in love with one of my best mates and couldn't believe her son became a faggot.." Harry felt disgusted with Niall's parents. Then he started to blush. "In love with one of your best mates?" Niall nodded shyly. Niall looked up at Harry in his eyes. "It's you."

Harry suddenly started to remember all the good and best times with Niall, the cute moments, the sad, when they first met, when Niall acted strangley. And he couldn't help but say "I think I' in love with my best mate too." Niall smiled. "But we should really go." Niall nodded with a blush on his face and went towards the window.

Niall was on the edge of the window when his door busted open. "Told you that was his faggot lover's car!" His Mum yelled at his Dad. Niall gasped before jumping. Niall curled up in a ball to make the impact not as bad. He landed hard on the ground with a oof. Suddenly there was another body landing beside him. Niall started to stand up with Harry.

"C'mon" Harry held Niall's hand running to his car. Niall tried to avoid the pain that was going through his whole body as he ran for his life. Harry put niall in the car then got into the driver's side. He started the car and started to drive. As he was passig Niall's Dad's truck, his dad popped out with a shot gun in his hand. Niall screamed while Harry swerved to make sure to not hit him. The gun fired and the back window shattered. Harry kept driving until he was at his house. He got out of the car, helped Niall out, and ran inside. He locked the door behind him and saw his sister getting up off the couch. "Oh, my god. What happen to Niall?" "just- just call the police." Gemma did as her brother asked and grabbed the home phone and dialed 999.

~*~ The next day, Niall woke up in a hospital bed, laying on someone. He looked up to see Harry still asleep. He looked around and saw the other three lads, Harry's sister and Mum, and his brother Greg. Zayn and Liam were whispering, Louis was asleep, Greg was on his phone and so was Gemma. Anne looked up from the newspaper and smiled. "How are you doing Niall?" This caught everyones attention. Greg stood up and walked over to his left, same with Anne and Gemma. Liam woke Louis up and they stepped on his right side. "Good. Where's mum and dad?" "In jail." Greg said. When Greg found out his brother was in the hspital by his parents he rushed over from uni. Harry woke up and smiled down at Niall.

Niall smiled back and blushed, remembering what Harry had said last night. Harry looked around and saw everyone staring at them. "So when you guys gonna kiss?" Liam spoke up. Niall blushed harder, Harry did a goofy grin. He pulled Niall up to him. He kissed Niall softly, Niall's eyes wide at first. He closed them and rest his hands on Harry's chest. He heard aweing in the background. Niall blushed hard and he felt more happier than he has ever been before. After they broke apart, Harry was still grining. "Niall will you be my boyfriend?" Niall smiled and rolled his eyes. "What kind of question is that, of course I will." There was cheering and clapping. Niall felt safe and complete now. 

[A/N]: Shitty ending sorryyy. Next is a short Larry one then I think Nouis.

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