One Direction One Shots [boyxboy]

I've had so many ideas for stories and stuff so I'm making a one shot book! You can send in request if you want!(: BoyxBoy only though!


1. Larry (smutty)

Louis was sitting on the couch at Harry's, the boy He's babysitting. Harry was sitting in a chair with his feet curled up close to him, like he was about to fall asleep. 

Harry may only 13, but God was he hot... Louis thought to himself. 

The way he was laying down he could see his striped underwear. His beautiful green eyes started to close and soon, he was snoring. He talked in his sleep some nights and tonight was one of those nights.

"L-louis" Harry moaned, already making Louis' sweats get tighter. 

"Fu-uck. Lou you're sso big." Harry moaned again. 

Was he having a sex dream about me?Lou thought. 

He stood up and walked to his chair. He started to rub Harry's arm. 

"You like that Harry?" Louis whispered in his ear and he let out a loud moan.

He saw from his lose jeans, he was hard.He started to pull off his pants, not waking him up.He grabbed his dick through the cloth. Harry's eyes opened wide as he saw his babysitter garbing him and starting to tug through the fabric. He started to moan then blush as Louis moved his hand up and down. He closed his eyes so he wouldn't see Louis' face as Lou took full control of him. Harry felt Louis' lips on his making him open his eyes. He was met with blue eyes. He kissed back. Louis tugged the end of his shirt before breaking their little kiss. When they got the shirt over his curls, Louis squeezed Harry's cock, making him moan. Louis stuck his tongue in Harry's mouth. Harry laid his hands on Louis' shoulders. Louis backed away to breath after a minute.

"Wh-why are you doin-doing this?" Harry moaned as Lou stuck his hand down in Harry's boxer. 

"You want me to stop?" Lou teased moving his hands from his boxer.

Harry grab Louis' bigger hand with both of his.

"No! I'm just asking why..." Harry blushed looking at his hands down his boxers with his 17 year old babysitter. 

"Well," Louis began moving his hand again, 

"I heard you moaning my name..So I thought why not make that become true?" He whispered the last few words into Harry's ear watching his reaction. 

Harry stared wide eyed at him.

"I-I talk in my s-sleep?" Harry tried to ask with out moaning. 

"You moan in your sleep." Lou teased playfully. 

Harry blushed. Louis kissed him once more til starting to kiss down Harry's chest, moving lower and lower. He kissed Harry's cock through the boxers looking up in Harry's eyes. Harry whimpered as Louis pulled his boxers off slowly. He wasted no time, and lick up from the top, down all the way. 

"You know Haz, you're pretty big for a 13 year old." Louis said making Harry blush more. 

Louis stuck the tip into his mouth and licked his tongue back and forth making Harry moan loud. Louis smirked know he was doing good. He took more of him in and rubbed his thighs. Harry was moaning and gripping Louis' head. Louis moved his hand lower. He got to Harry's hole and stuck his index finger in him. Harry moaned louder. It kinda hurt but he liked it. Louis started to deep throat Harry. Harry moan louder when a second finger was added and he touch the back of Lou's throat.

"I'm clo-close..." Harry blushed. 

Louis moved his head faster along with his fingers. 

"Louis!!" Harry moaned as he shot hot liquid down Louis' throat. 

Louis struggled to swallow it all because how much he had cum, but he managed. Louis stood up and Harry looked straight at his sweat pants.

"Do y-you wanna..." Harry trailed off, to shy to say it. 

"What?" Lou asked.

"Uh d-do you w-wanna may-maybe..." Again, Harry was to shy to say it. 

Louis smirked. 

"You want me to?" Louis asked. 

Harry nodded looking down at his lap where he was still naked. 

"Well do you know if your parents have anything?" Louis asked. 

Harry nodded and walked off to his parents room with Louis staring the whole time. He grabbed the condom from the second drawer and walked back to Lou.

"Can.. can I put it on?" Harry asked Louis, once again looking down. 

Louis smirked. 

"If you want." 

Louis pulled his shirt off and Harry stared at his tan body and abs. He slide his pants off and boxers. Harry couldn't get over how big he was compared to him. He kneeled down in front of Louis. He tried to pull the condom over his long hard cock but it was to slippy and kept slipping, kinda jacking off Louis. 

"Here." Louis moaned and wrapped his hands around Harry's and got the condom on.

Harry blushed and stood up looking at the older teen.

"Lay on the couch." Louis demanded. 

Harry did as he was told and got on top of him. He spread Harry's legs and got between them. He lined up his cock with Harry's hole.

"Are you ready?" He asked. 

Harry nodded and Louis began to go inside him. It hurt Harry a lot, but also felt really good. He let out scream/moans not sure if it hurts worst or felt better. Louis managed to get in all the way and was letting Harry adjust. A few minutes later, Harry nodded. Louis started to move his hips slowly. Going almost all the way out and back in. Soon Harry just felt pleasure and told Louis to go faster. Louis was pounding into Harry and you could hear the skin smack and moans. They were all covered and sweet.

"I'm gon-gonna cum ag-again.." Harry tried to say with Louis pounding into him. 

"I'm close too babe." Louis panted. 

Once Louis finally was coming, he slammed into Harry one more time and made harry cun a second time for the night. They stayed like that for awhile till Louis pulled out and Harry groaned. Harry was going to fall asleep soon after and Lou carried him upstairs and they went to sleep. 

"I love you Hazza." 

"I love you too BooBear." Harry whispered and snuggled up to him.

(A/N): This is actually the first one shot I wrote that's been in my Notes. 

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