Survive in the dark

Aisena dont remember anything. She dosn't even know who she is herself. She goes through a lot of pain and only maybe she can survive, and who is that mysterious guy?


2. Yusuke

I tried set up, but a gentle hand pushed me down again. "You shouldn't sit up yet your haven't recovered full yet." The person saying it looked kindly down on me. "Something wrong Aisena? You dont look well." He looked worried. I sat up again. "I dont really know. I dont know anything." I smiled. Tears welled up in his eyes. "Aisena..." He hugged me tight. "Aisena..." He cried in my shoulder. "Im sorry. I dont know who you are" He let me go. "Sorry Aisena. My name is Yusuke." Yusuke. That name sounded really familiar. "Yusuke..." I said it out loud thinking. "Anyway we most get going, or they'll find us." Yusuke started to pack the thing up. "They??? Who?" He stopped. "There are no time to explain now Aisena." He looked sad, which made me feel sad for some reason. I looked at him while he was packing the things up. "Come Aisena." He stretched out his hand to me, I took it and he helped me up. I followed him straight for a long time. " Stop here Aisena." I stopped. "Look Aisena. Isn't it a pretty place?" I looked. The palce was beatiful and so calm. Yusuke began to walk again and I followed. Under a tree near a lake he sat down. I went over and sat next to him. There where quiet for a long time. I decided to ask him again. "Who is it we're running from Yusuke?" He looked down. "They are the persons who kept us. They hurted us. Yesterday one of the others made an explosion. Everyone escaped, but I remembered you, and I couldn't find you, so I went back to find you. And now they are hunting us to work harder than ever before on their project." As he spoke he began to cry again. I patted his hair. He looked up with tears poured down his cheeks. I hugged him and letted him cry in my shoulder. "Sorry Yusuke, for making you talk about it." He hugged me thight. "Aisena..... I was so worried about you. Sorry for not being able to protect you. I wish I was better so I can protect you from them, but I can't." He hugged me tighter. "Yusuke.." I put my head on his hair. His black hair smelled nice. He was warm and kind. "I dont know what you talk about but I'm happy you came back for me." He looked up. His blue eyes looked so sad. Then he took his head down to my shoulder again.

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