Survive in the dark

Aisena dont remember anything. She dosn't even know who she is herself. She goes through a lot of pain and only maybe she can survive, and who is that mysterious guy?


5. The room of torture

It was a small, but very dark room. There was only a little hole where there were getting nearly no light through. Milo pushed me longer in to the room. "Sit down and put your hands in the air." I did as he told me, and he put chains around my wrist. Then he left and the other guy came in. " My name is Simon and I have got the order to give you everything you need." I looked surprised at him. "Yeah, I know you thinking: by who? But your small friends are scary and they wrote that if I didn't give you everything you want then they'll eat me." That made more sence. "Answer me this: what will happen to me?" He was thinking. "I think you will be tortured, and hurted more than ever before." I nodded. "But I dont know how to control the monsters, I woke up in the middle of the fire and didn't even remember my own name." He thought a little. "Normally you just talked to them and then they did as you told them." I understanded. Simon left the room and after came Milo at in. "I dont know what Simon told you but now it begins. He took a whip out from his uniform. I felt a pain at my cheek. I felt blood going down my cheek. After, there were more places over my body were i could feel the pain of the whip when it touched my skin. After a long time with pain I was still silent. "This must be enough for today." I didn't say a sound. Milo left with the whip. He came like that every day in a month. Simon came in. "Do you want anything?" He looked at me. "Yusuke." He nodded and left the room.

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