Survive in the dark

Aisena dont remember anything. She dosn't even know who she is herself. She goes through a lot of pain and only maybe she can survive, and who is that mysterious guy?


4. The hidden base

I woke up before Yusuke. He clung to my back. "Aisena...." He was mumbling in his sleep, as the grib around me got stronger. "Yusuke.." I looked down on him. His eyes opened slowly. "Good morning Yusuke." I smiled at him. "Good morning Aisena" He smiled back. I raised my head. What was that sound? The sound of something heavy running came closer. "Oh no... We can't escape in time." Yusuke trembled in fear. I hold him closer to me. The "dogs" came over to us. The persons from yesterday came after. "There she it!" One of them pointed at me. "And she got one of the brats that escaped with her." I starred at him and hold Yusuke tighter into me. "Let's take both of them with us, then the boy could be a new toy for the master." Yusuke trembled worser in fear than ever. "Leave Yusuke alone." Yusuke looked up at me surprised. "And why should we do as you say?" I kept starring at them. "Hey.... Her look is really scary, and she can keep it up starring the same way..." The guy who talked hided behind the other one. "It's just eyes you idiot, now go over and get her and her little friend so we can go back." The second guy went over to us and made us stand up. He pushed us forward. We walked for a long time and the "dogs" followed us. We got to a huge mountain. The mountain opened and we was being pushed inside. We got separated. The first guy took me to a large room. "Master we're back and we found the girl and her friend. He is one of the escapen guys. Right now he is in that room." I heard a laugher. "Good job Milo. Put her in the room instead of him, and see how long she'll hold, but let me talk to her private first." the man named Milo nodded at the words and left the room. "So you have been hiding for me huh? Did you think you could escape me?" I looked toward the sound without answering him. "Do you have any questions yourself?" I starred out in the air. "What is the monsters outside that you call dogs? And what are you doing to Yusuke?" The laugher was gettting higher. "Yusuke will be fine, if he survive the work to finish the project. And you dont remember why we call them dogs? You gave them the name yourself. Plus you where the one who summoned them. They only follow your orders, so I want you to tell them to follow mine instead of you." He came into the light so I could see him. "It's impossible that I summoned those monsters and I would never let them into your might." He looked like he enjoyed himself. "I thought that you would say that, so we removed your friend and set you in the most terrible room of all. Milo came into the room and took me away from the room. As we walked I looked around in the hidden base. Not very much light but a lot of monsters wandering around, but they all stopped and looked at me like waiting for an order to kill the guy walking in front of me. They looked kinda cute with their eyes starring at me. We came to a iron door.

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