Survive in the dark

Aisena dont remember anything. She dosn't even know who she is herself. She goes through a lot of pain and only maybe she can survive, and who is that mysterious guy?


3. Monster dogs

We have been sitting like that for about an hour. Suddenly Yusuke raises his head. He got a paniked look in his eyes. "They're comming." He rushed up and packed the things fast. I stood up. I ran after him. "Aisena can you climb this tree?" I nodded and began to climb the tree. He came up right after. He tried to jump into another tree, he did it. He hold his hand to help me over to him. We climbed from tree to tree. I didn't understand why. Yusuke stopped me. "We'll hide here." He sat down, and I sat next to him. I heard a noise that made me feel very uncomfortable. Yusuke took my hand and I calmed down a little. "We must find her before the sunset, or else He will be angry. If she wants she can destoy the hole project with her power." A wispering voice was talking. Yusuke squeezed my hand. "To find her quick why dont we let the dogs out? It'll be much faster that way." Another voice responded the first. "Okay but make sure they wont get too far away." There was a sound of paws and a sound of something sniffing. That sound made me hide behind Yusuke, who turned around and patted my hair, as if he was trying to say: They wont get you, I won't allow them. I looked down the ground and saw something terrible. Wandering around was some terrible monsters. Looked like a giant stone monster that where able to move, was that what they called dogs? They where monsters, not something that should be exsisting in this world but did anyway. Fearsome. The sun was begging to set and the voices called the monsters back. They didn't find what they came after. It took a while before we climbed down the tree. Yusuke was scared. "Yusuke are you okay? You don't look like you are okay." He gave me a faint smile. "I'm okay. They didn't find us and then we can survive." He hugged me tight, as we sat down the grass. We fell alseep like that.

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