Modern Day Princess


2. What About Love?

Chapter two

Lynn's POV

My eyes grew wide. "O-our own kingdom? Father, im only 13 and the only one old enough for her own kingdom is Halo!" My father put a hand on my shoulder. "Lynn, from the day you were born, you've shown me your more than ready for this. You've always been doing things on your own. You never started horseback riding with a pony or a saddle. As soon as you turned 7, you and your mother were walking through the woods and you saw a wild mustang and you just had to ride it. You just walked up to it and climbed up on him. You mother told you no, but you didnt care!" He smiled "Dont you think if you werent ready, i would give this task to you?" I shook my head. "Now go get ready for weaponry training girls!" I went upstairs and Kaden followed me "am i supposed to follow you?" He asked in an innocent voice. I turned to him "i dont think you follow me while im changing Kaydon." I smiled as his checks burned red "maybe stuck with your brothers until we go to training." He nodded, i smiled and he went downstairs.

Kaden's POV

I walked downstairs and went to my favorite brother, Josh. "So do you guys like these girls?" They all nodded "yea their all beautiful! But the queen scares me." Ed, or Edward, said. "Dude i know! But why would dad send us to this kindgom? To be trained by girls?" Josh said. I shrugged "beats me." Ed said. Then Seth spoke up "I think Father was in his right mind to do this. Were to much of common town boys to be Princes back home. We were working in bloody bakeries and markets! By getting our own queen and kingdom, we'll prove to father we ARE royalty." We all nodded along. "What if they dont teach us all we need?" I asked "We'll help them. And teach them along the way" Seth said. Seth was always wise and smart. He always knew what to say. I looked up "what if we dont fall in love with them?" That question left all of stumped. Even Seth.

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