Modern Day Princess


3. Those Bright Blue Eyes

Chapter 3

Lynn's POV

I walked into Halo and I's room and started changing for weaponry training. I put on a navy blue tee shirt and jeans with my brown leather jacket and my hair into a side braid. I always dressed like Katniss from the Hunger Games for weaponry training. I checked myself in the mirror and nodded. Halo came behind me "you look just like mum when she took us on adventures." She said to me. I sighed. "Do you think she might still be out there? What if she was simply captured and never killed?" I asked and turned around to her. She put a hand on my shoulder. "Something we can discuss when we dont have to train Princes alright? I dont want to ignore you, but i mustn't be distracted. Do you understand?" She said as she pulled her golden curls into a pony tail. I nodded and hugged her. She was always so kind and caring towards me. She never wanted anyone to feel left out or upset. She reminds me of mum. Mum would always stop in mid conversation with someone to answer my silly little questions. But now that this new queen is here. She not even my mum. She thinks im worthless and never takes time for me. So Halo always gives me extra respect and i do to her. She hugged back and we sat on the bed. We always waited till the queen got mad to get to training. "So do you like Prince Seth?" I asked her. She blushed and smiled. "Yes he's perfect! I hope his personality is also!" We both giggled and she looked at me "do you like Kaden?" I shrugged. "He's cute and all but i dont know if he's the one for me. He might be the one, or he might not. I JUST met him" I said. She smiled "i guess your right. Come on, lets go to our princes!" She said i smiled and we walked downstairs to see the boys talking. We hid in the hall and ease dropped

Kaden POV

I looked at all my brothers. "I say we fake it. Maybe if we fake it long enough we'll actually fall for them." Seth looked at me "wow, thats actually smart!"Josh said. I put my head down. "But what if THEY fall in love with us and find out we faked it?" I asked. Ed nodded "yea! They'll get mad, kick us out of their kingdom and then Dad will never forgive us!" I shrugged and Seth sighed "well i guess we'll just have to be very good actors." As soon as he said that Lynn and Halo walked out of the hall. "Hello Princesses!" We all said as we bowed. The girls giggled and curtsied "Hello Princes!" They said

Lynn's POV

(Still hiding in the hall)

I looked at Halo as they talked about faking their love for us, i dragged Halo into a guest room "halo! What are we going to do?!" I panicked. "They're going to simply pretend?!?" I whisper yelled as i shook her. "Lynn, calm down ok? They said IF they dont fall in love so that means they might fall in love alright? Just go with the flow ok?" I nodded and we walked out of the room and into the grand hall where the Princes were. They turned and smiled at us and they bowed and said "Hello Princesses!" OMG they have the most AMAZING british accents. We curtsied back "Hello Princes!" We all laughed at this silly little gesture of them trying to be royalty. "Have Mary and Mikayla come down yet?" I asked. Joshua and Edward shook their heads. "I wonder how long it takes to get dressed for training. I mean it IS weaponry training." Halo says. Seth nods his head "well does that mean we wait or-" we was interrupted by Mary and Marci (Mikayla's Nickname cause she LOVES that name) screaming "WE'RE HERE!!" They said with huge smiles. We all jumped. I tripped on some of the carpet and fell back. Joshua reached to grab me but he missed. I fell and hit my back on the ground. Kaden ran to see if i was ok. "Princess Lynn are you alright?" And thats all i remember were those bright blue eyes.

Sorry this chapter is short!! They wont all be like this

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