Through X

Kaylee and her best friend June have formed a duo singing group called Diamonds Shining and are competing on The X Factor. A certain band formed on the show, called One Direction, sees the girls perform and become good friends with them. Kaylee is dealing with depression from being away from home, and June is trying to keep a stalker out of her way. Can the boys help them and their friendship bond become stronger(and maybe even turn into something else? ;) )? Or will they just be another burden for Diamonds Shining to deal with?
*this isn't in 2010 when the boys were actually in The X Factor, I want this to be around when the boys in real life produced Little Things as a music video. Sorry for any confusion*


5. Rude

June's POV

"We will be right back, folks. The last audition will be a duo, much like Diamonds Shining. And then we will reveal the contestants who will be staying. Stay tuned."

"UGH, cliffhangers!" Kaylee looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"It won't be too long. Only a couple minutes." Niall tried to stroke Kaylee's hair but she pushed him away.

"Niall, we are just friends, okay? I'll tell you when I want it to become serious. Friends don't pet my hair, but cuddles are fine. Right, June?" She turned to me.

"Hell yesh!" Harry came through the door.

"How'd I do?" He asked.

"Pretty good, actually." Louis replied. Harry smirked at Kaylee again.

"When are you gonna wipe that dumbass smirk off of your face, Harry? It's getting annoying." His smile faded.

"Uh oh." Liam glanced out the door.

"What is it?" Zayn asked.

"Lilly and Tina. Otherwise known as Populars, otherwise known as total whores." Two girls, a blond with heavy makeup and a spray-on tan, and the other one, black hair and emerald green eyes walked through our door.

"Uh, you realize this is our room?" I questioned.

"Loser." The blond one scoffed. "We go wherever we want. So why don't you get lost instead?"

"Rude." Kaylee said, referencing a Hetalia GIF we saw(Hetalia is a show, go watch it it's amazing.).

"Lilly, Tina, why are you two still here? You didn't even get a part in 2008." Liam remarked.

"Who cares? We'll get on this time. I'm positively right, always." Lilly flipped her hair and the two left.

"My God, did they ever take grammar classes?" Kaylee rolled her eyes.

"Well, they don't have anything on us, right guys?" Niall asked.

"Of course." 

"No doubt."

"Why not?"


Kaylee's POV

"And welcome back to The X Factor auditions. We have some very tough competition this year, as you can see. And now, we will reveal the ones that are staying."

"Ooh, I hope we get on, KayKay!" June clutched onto me for dear life.

"Our first one that's staying is Louis Tomlinson." The announcer spoke.

"Lou, you better get out there." Harry pushed Louis off the couch.

"Wish me luck, guys!" Louis bolted out the door.

"Alison Dessent." A girl with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes stood next to Louis. "Harry Styles." Harry got off and waved goodbye to us. "Zayn Malik."

"Bye, guys." Zayn stood up and waved goodbye. June waved back.

"You like him, don't you?" I said. June blushed. "It's okay. Girl secret."

"Liam Payne. Natalie Inders." Natalie, a girl with short, pale blond hair and blue eyes stood next to Liam. "Niall Horan." 

"You guys better get on with us, okay?" I nodded.

"And our last two competitors..."

"Kaylee, I'm scared!" June cried.


"WHAT?!" We screamed. "That's bullshit!" June yelled. On screen, Niall looked disappointed. But just as Lilly and Tina walked on stage! the host stopped them.

"Wait a minute. It seems we have tallied the votes wrong. The votes for Populars and Diamonds Shining were switched. Can we bring up security cameras?" A black-and-white video tape started playing, while Lilly and Tina's faces had looks of pure fear on. Two girls that looked strikingly similar to the two crept into the sound booth and brought up the votes. Tina dragged Populars to the Diamonds Shining votes, which we had quite a lot. 

"They SWITCHED our votes?! They have some serious bitchiness!"

"Because of this, Populars are eliminated for cheating. And since Diamonds Shining had more votes than them in the first place, Diamonds Shining get to stay."

"Oh my God, YES!!" We both screamed, jumping up and down. June grabbed my arm and pulled us onto the stage.

"Other votes have also been tallied on to make a band out of Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam. You decided to have them form a band. And so, all five boys and Diamonds Shining will be under the care of Simon Cowell."

"Wait, what?" I was confused.

"Harry consulted me about this, and told me if they form a band, to call it One Direction." June cocked her head.

"Okay..." June was just as confused as I was. The audience burst into applause.

And yet, we still had no idea what was going on.

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