Through X

Kaylee and her best friend June have formed a duo singing group called Diamonds Shining and are competing on The X Factor. A certain band formed on the show, called One Direction, sees the girls perform and become good friends with them. Kaylee is dealing with depression from being away from home, and June is trying to keep a stalker out of her way. Can the boys help them and their friendship bond become stronger(and maybe even turn into something else? ;) )? Or will they just be another burden for Diamonds Shining to deal with?
*this isn't in 2010 when the boys were actually in The X Factor, I want this to be around when the boys in real life produced Little Things as a music video. Sorry for any confusion*


6. Falling For...

June's POV

Simon, our 'official' assistant, told me and Kaylee what was going on. So, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry would all be grouped together to form a boy band called One Direction. Me and Kaylee would still be Diamonds Shining, but we'd be living with the boys. And Tootsie would be coming along, which Kaylee was extremely happy with.


Kaylee's POV

"I suppose this is it, June. Our new home." I was holding Tootsie in one hand, and a suitcase in the other. Two bags were over my shoulders, one with my things, and the other one for Tootsie's items. "God, I have too many bags. The other one is still in the car." I complained.

"I can get it for you, if you want." Niall offered.

"Thanks, Niall, but I think I can do this myself. No hard feels, okay?" He looked disappointed, but shrugged and carried his own luggage into the house. Stepping in, I could see we had plenty of room for seven people.

"Holy crap, this place is huge." June awed.

"I call master bedroom!" I screamed, running up the stairs to the room at the very end. Besides Louis, me and June were the only two people in the house. Stepping in, I saw the room was already furnished with a queen-sized bed, a walk-in closet, and a dresser. "Aw yiss." I set my things down and organized my room.


Everything was in place now. Blankets spread on my bed, closet filled, a small sleeping space on the left side of the bed for Tootsie(a single blanket spread out to make a nest), a toy box for her as well, and the stuffed animals I had kept. A tortoiseshell cat named Tawnypelt, after the cat from Warriors, Forrest, a raccoon, and my stuffed creeper that made a hissing and then, a booming sound when you pressed a button. I used it to scare June all the time. 

And now, I had more housemates to do so.

I grabbed my creeper and quickly, but quietly, walked down the stairs. Niall was on the couch. Perfect. I snuck up so I was right behind him. I pressed the button and ran away. Niall screamed when the creeper 'exploded'. I was stifling my laughter.

"Who the hell did that?!" He yelled. I collapsed on the floor. Niall looked over immediately. "Oh, I see now." I sat up.

"Yeah? You wanna bet I'll scare you again with that thing?"

"I don't wanna lose anything!" He exclaimed, his face red.

"My God, I'm joking. I can't even hold bets for a long time!" I finally stood up so we were face-to-face. I blushed. "I'm...gonna explore the house. I'll be back!" Stupid, stupid. That was a lame excuse. Was I...was I falling for Niall?

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