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Kaylee and her best friend June have formed a duo singing group called Diamonds Shining and are competing on The X Factor. A certain band formed on the show, called One Direction, sees the girls perform and become good friends with them. Kaylee is dealing with depression from being away from home, and June is trying to keep a stalker out of her way. Can the boys help them and their friendship bond become stronger(and maybe even turn into something else? ;) )? Or will they just be another burden for Diamonds Shining to deal with?
*this isn't in 2010 when the boys were actually in The X Factor, I want this to be around when the boys in real life produced Little Things as a music video. Sorry for any confusion*


3. Auditions

Still Kaylee's POV

"Kaylee and June, otherwise known as the duo Diamonds Shining, one hailing from Ireland, the next, from a small town in England, please come to the stage." The announcer spoke.

"Here we go." June clutched my hand. It felt clammy. There were few things that scared June Sisop. Other than spiders, stage fright was something she still had to overcome greatly. We walked onto the stage, two microphones set up.

"Girls, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourselves." One of the judges said.

"My name's Kaylee Willis, and I come from Ireland. I live with June, actually, and we became best friends in secondary school. I also have a pet cat named Tootsie." The crowd 'aww'ed.

"And I'm June Sisop. As Kaylee said, we live together in the same house. We came up with the name Diamonds Shining while Kaylee was playing Minecraft-" June pointed to my green hair bow with a creeper face on it-"and she found diamonds. She randomly said 'those diamonds are shining', but she sang it. And we found that inspiration just like that."

"We started making songs about a year ago, but we didn't get that much attention. We have about a hundred fans, and I'm guessing they're in the crowd somewhere in here." Some people throughout the crowd cheered. "Yup. That's about it." The crowd laughed.

"Alright, girls. Since you've been making songs, why don't you sing one for your audition?" Another judge said.

"Sure. Kaylee, which song should we sing?" June whispered.

"Let's sing 'A New Light'." I whispered back. "We're going to sing 'A New Light'." I told the judges. The people that cheered last time cheered again. I had the first solo. 

You told me there was nothin' but darkness

A gloomy road ahead

I thought that it was true

I believed you

June sang next, her voice full of passion.

My friend, she came running to me

Saying, get me out of this mess

I let her in, her darkness was fading

We hoped it would never return...


There's a new light in me

That no one can take away

Even if you're cold and heartless

You can't take mine to make a new one

The new light shines bright

Like a star in the sky

Surrounding our friendship with a shield

That nothing can break, woah

My bridge came next. This was the hardest part, since I had to sing some extremely high notes. My voice had cracked the first time I tried to sing this high.

And your darkness surrounds me

But it can't get in

The light from my friend says 

You can't get in

There's nothing you can do...

I did it! I really did it!

There's a new light in me

One that you can't take away...

The crowd erupted into applause. A few cheers and whistles were heard throughout the crowd. 

"Alright, folks, that was Kaylee and June, aka Diamonds Shining. And what a performance that was! Harry Styles is up for performing next, but right after these messages." June hugged me as we walked backstage.

"You guys are amazing! I'd be shocked if you didn't get in!" Liam gave us both high fives.

"Then that means I have some serious competition to deal with." A boy with brown curls and greenish hazel eyes stepped out.

"You must be Harry." I said.

"Yup. We'll see who's safe after these auditions." He smirked. I rolled my eyes.

"Is he always like that?" I turned around to Liam and Niall.

"Pretty much." A new voice spoke. Another boy with messy hair and blue eyes turned the corner to see us. "I'm Louis, by the way."

"Well, hello, Louis. I'm June." June smiled. She wasn't this friendly with just any random stranger.

"Hello, June. Anyway, if Harry randomly comes up to you that's a bit too close for comfort, he's letting his flirt juices flow."

"Is that even a thing?" I questioned.

"Maybe. But seriously, if you don't want to get smothered, you might consider getting out of there." Louis replied.

"Wait. How do you know?" Liam asked.

" do not want to know. Anyway, I'll be on after Zayn."

"Who's Zayn?" I asked.

"I'll tell you about him later. He's probably in his room, either doing his hair or drawing. He's really vain." Louis shrugged. "I need to go. See ya guys!" 

Niall turned to me and June. "We should trade numbers. It's unlikely we'll see each other after this."

"That's a good idea, something I haven't heard from a boy in a long time." I said. Everybody laughed. I scribbled my number down on two pieces of paper and handed one to Liam and one to Niall. I received two papers back from them. Harry came backstage.

"Are we exchanging numbers here?" He said with a smirk.

"Harry, the smirk's not working." I rolled my eyes. What was up with this boy?

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