Through X

Kaylee and her best friend June have formed a duo singing group called Diamonds Shining and are competing on The X Factor. A certain band formed on the show, called One Direction, sees the girls perform and become good friends with them. Kaylee is dealing with depression from being away from home, and June is trying to keep a stalker out of her way. Can the boys help them and their friendship bond become stronger(and maybe even turn into something else? ;) )? Or will they just be another burden for Diamonds Shining to deal with?
*this isn't in 2010 when the boys were actually in The X Factor, I want this to be around when the boys in real life produced Little Things as a music video. Sorry for any confusion*


1. Accepted

Kaylee's POV

"June! June! June!" I screamed, running to my best friend and housemate's room.

"What is it, Kaylee?" She groaned.

"Diamomds Shining has been accepted onto The X Factor!" I squealed.

"Shut up, for real?!" June was wide awake now.

"Hell yes, we have. I just got an email from the host of the show. We need to pack our bags and leave tomorrow." June nodded, her head looking like she was trying to shake it off. I raced to my room, which was conveniently next to June's. My blue walls were counteracted by my purple duvet and green-and-black striped zebra chair. Basically, everything in my room was a different colour. I liked being colourful. It gave me a sort-of freedom I didn't have before. My cat, Tootsie, lay sprawled out on my bed. "Oh, silly Tootsie. I hope The X Factor will let you come along when we have auditions and we get accepted in." I petted Tootsie's dark brown fur on the top of her head. She was a beautiful cat, with dark brown fur and a white tail and face area. It made me think of a Tootsie Roll, so I named her Tootsie.

I went to my computer and started to work on my new skin for Minecraft. I'm a pretty big nerd when it comes to video games and books, but you could probably tell anyway. I rarely let my hair down in public, so I keep it in a loose fishtail braid most of the time, so when I do unravel my long ginger hair, it comes out a tad wavy. A quarter of my clothing things were Minecraft, I have a few Harry Potter shirts, and lots and lots of hair bows. I have them in all shades of colours, from red, to blue, to pink, the list goes on and on. I have Harry Potter bows, Minecraft bows, confetti bows, etc. etc.. 

After I was done with my Minecraft skin, I looked it up and down. I was damn proud of myself. My skin had rainbow hair, a white bow with rainbow polka dots, a shirt with a Mario 1Up mushroom on it, cat ears and a tail, an Invincible Star skirt with black leggings, blue combat boots, and vines on her arms like my vine tattoos.(I can't give you the link cause I'm lazy /).- ) 

Looking at the clock, I noticed it was almost ten.

"Oh my, we better get packing, Tootsie!" But I first had to make a phone call.

"Hello?" The X Factor host spoke.

"Hi, I'm Kaylee, from Diamonds Shining? Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, Kaylee! What do you need?"

"I have a cat, and I don't want to leave her if I get accepted into The X Factor. So, when me and June get our house can we bring her with?"

"Sure! We don't want our contestants leaving behind family. I'll ask the producer."

"Oh my God, thank you so much. Text me if I can bring her!"

"Alright, Kaylee. Goodbye."

"Bye." I flopped down onto my bed next to Tootsie. "Oh, Tootsie, I hope he says yes..."

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