hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


4. meeting vic

*2 days later*

"Hey Andy you ready yet?!!"

"Yea yea yea don't get your panties in a twist"

"Idiot.." I muttered under my breath

"Oh shut up!" 

I saluted him "YES SIR!"

"Smart ass! How does Vic put up with it?"

"He's never around that's how."

"Hey you OK?" His expression immediately changed from silly to serious.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"How long has it been since the last time?"

I knew he meant my cutting but I acted like I didn't know what he meant.

"Last time of what?"

"You hurting your perfect skin.."

"An hour.,."



"Whoa whoa whoa what's going on here?" 

I quickly smiled as brightly as possible (faked it)



he hugged my breath away

"I missed you so much" I said while burying my face in his shoulder.

"I missed you to!"

 "Vic? Can I talk to you?" Shit Andy dont you dare...

*ten minutes later*






shit.. Vic is going to hate me., my own fucking brother is going to hate me...

Vic is on my bed his hands over his face crying

"Vic oh my god what's wrong?!"

"I'm so sorry I was never there for you I am so sorry kc I'm so sorry it is all my fault!"

"Were you here.?"


"Were you holding the blade?"

"Then it was not your fault."

He stood up and hugs me

"Shh Vic shh its OK.."

"I want you to come on tour with Andy and I and the band."

"What? Really? I don't have to go to school alone again!?"

"Get your stuff packed and Andy call your parents so they know where you are"

"K" we both said at the same time causing me to blush

I walk into my room. What do I need?? Band shirts band bracelets my special blanket my notebook and my container and my brush and my money and my laptop and other stuff and I took my special blanket down stairs and laid down on the couch

"Kc? Kc wake up."

"Ugh why?"

"Tourbus is here."

"Oh OK" 

"Nice blanket by the way."

My blanket was a black veil brides blanket. I got it online.

"Oh uh-h thanks.."

"Its cute "

"Yeah yeah its adorable let's go!!"

"Someone is pushy in the morning!"

I raised my eyebrow

He laughed 

"Come on grumpy and I would recommend a hoodie because Vic just found out yesterday I don't think that the visual is going to help."

I forgot! I almost started crying and i kept trying to cover my arms.

"Here have my hoodie"

"Um-m thanks" I said stuttering 

"Come on let's go" he said smiling sweetly

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