hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


1. bullied and alone

I log into Facebook. I already know what I will find. 

Weird... there's nothing! Maybe they stopped! Maybe they will be nice! If you don't know who I'm talking about its as simple as this. Bullies. 

*new message*

Oh god... who is it?

"Hi kc its Jasmine!"

" Jamsine??? How are you?"

Jasmine is my cousin.

"I'm doing good how about you?"

"I'm OK!" I lied

"That's good! How's school?"

" Good you?"

" Boring lol... I gtg write a ELA paper. Someone needs to strangle me!!!"

"Lol have fun cuz"

"Yeah I don't think I will!!"


*new message*

*new message*

*new message*

*new message*

And right when I thought I might actually have a good day. 


"Ew ugly fatass!!!"

"I bet your mom died because you looked at her"

"Nasty orphan"

"Emo freak!" 

"Hi its Andy"

" Grosssss!"

Wait! Someone actually said hi and not something mean!!!

"Hi Andy I'm kc:)"

I check put his profile. 'Andy Sixx' wow I wish I had that name! Mines boring kc jene

"I know! I been in school with you since 9th grade"


"Yeah this is me" *picture attached*

"Oh yeah!! I love your band by the way! "

"Thanks:) I saw your having problems with bullies:p"

"Oh uh yeah its fine I'm fine"

"No one should be able to treat you that way kc."

"Well no one seems to keen on helping me stop it now dot hwy?"

"I have an idea. I want to be your friend. You can sit by me and my band at lunch and we have all of our classes together so we can sit together."

"Oh no you don't want to do that..."

"Why wouldn't I"

"You don't understand EVERYONE hates me you would get bullied for hanging out with me."

"I don't care"

Man this boy doesn't know what he is getting into....


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