hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


5. attacked by kellin and cyber bullying

I stepped on to the tour bus and was almost tackled by kellin



"Oh em gee I missed you kc!"

"Yeah yeah be careful will ya!" I said laughing

He stopped laughing instantly and looked into my eyes

"Why do I need to be careful.."

I started getting uncomfortable at him staring and I kept tugging my sleeves to make sure they were down. I know I realizes now it was stupid. He instantly looked down at my arms and back at me.

"Kc what the fuck."

"Uh-uh I uh I um"

Andy walks up behind me

"Ohhh sorry I'm interrupting."

"Don't you fucking take another step out of that door Andy I swear to god."


"Who wants to play monopoly?" I said clapping and wincing because it hurt.

"Damn you.. yesh." 

"I knew it kellin I am the top hat don't even try arguing its my turn!"


"is my Kelly bear all ready to see me??" A squeaky high pitched voice came from the bunks

"What the hell."

"Oh uh yeah kc my girlfriend jamsine is back there why don't you say hi."

"Maybe I want to die before I do that."

He mouthed 'help'

"Ugh fine. You owe me fucking big."

I walked to the rooms in the back of the tour bus

I knocked on the door

"Come innnnn" 


"Oh my god its emo Ana.. what did you have to do to get on this bus.?"

"Vi-c is my brother"

"Awh ain't that sweet." 

"What the hell jasmine."

"I fucking wish you were dea- oh hi Kelly bear!"

"What the hell were you just saying to kc?" His voice was like a growl

"I was saying she should die her hair! She would look great in black. It would match her brain." Her menacing voice hissing those words my way

"Also I think that her little 'problem' is scary and freakish and really kellin you actually like this waste of air?"

"Yes. I do. She is like my sister. So you can get your whoreish ass off my bed and out of this tour bus before I get security."

She huffed.

"Fine. Your loss. Emo lover."

*ten minutes later*

I was locked in the bathroom and Vic and kellin were trying to get me out

"Kc please! Come out or at least let me in!"

I panicked

"No I do-ont think you want to see this Andy"

"Kc let me in now."

"O-ok" I took the arm that wasn't bleeding and unlocked the door. 

"Only Andy."

Andy came In and I hid my arm that was bleeding from him. But I didn't have enough time to hide the blade or the blood.

"Fuck kc..."

"Im-m sorry I'm sorry I'm a freak I know." I said starting to sob.

"No no no no... come here let me get you cleaned up."

He checked the cabinent and then cracked open the door.

"Hey Vic we might need some peroxide and some bandages or something."

There was no reply just shuffling of feet.

Everything started getting dizzy and I managed to choke out 

"Andy... help.." and then 






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