hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


2. andys friend?

I walk into school. I hate school. No one sits by me. No one talks to me unless they are insulting me. I'm still confused about Andy today. Whenever someone promises me something they back out of it. I shouldn't worry he probably realizes how stupid it is to risk his reputation over me. 

"Hey! Hey Kc!!" 

I turn around to see Jake damion the meanest person ever.

"What Jake..."

"Awwww what's wrong is the little orphan gonna cwy?_

That's it I'm not taking this anymore.

"Listen here you little shit. I am not taking anymore of your asshole insults any fucking more. Go back to your room and cry about one less victim  because this is not fucking right. Stay the hell away from me."

"Ooh bitchy today aren't we? Is it the time of the month?" A huge crowd surrounded us

"I woke up in a fucking puddle of blood is that how you want me to end your day?"

"Damn someone has comebacks... fine fine I'm chill I won't talk to you anymore."

"You better fucking not."

As I walked away from Jake Andy walked up to me.

"That. That was fucking amazing."

"I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself when I'm not the only one he does that crap to. Just because he's popular doesn't mean he's the fucking king."

"Kc you may be the coolest girl I have ever met."

"Why thank you andy! So we should get to our lockers and get to first hour!"


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