hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


8. a night with andy

"Night everybody!" 

"Night kc!"

"I will be in there in a second" Andy whispered in my ear

I nodded and walked into the room and changed and climbed into bed. I was wearing my BVB hoodie and shorts (I didn't like them cuz you could see my cut up legs but all my other clothes were dirty)

I cuddled into bed and the door opened

The bed dipped when Andy climbed in and cuddled into my back

He put his hand on my thigh.. to close to a cut if he moves it will hurt really really bad so I freeze up.

"Night babe" he said starting to rub his hand on my thigh.

And he touched it.

I whimpered and for whatever reason he started to rub his hand harder and my leg started bleeding. Perfect. 

"Kc what the hell is that"

"Uh-h cuts..."

"No fucking duh why the hell did you do that."

"You wouldn't understand" I said 

"Try me."

"How about you get me some bandages first so I don't bleed out all over my favorite fucking blanket and hoodie.."

"Fuck sorry.."

*bandaged up and not bleeding anymore*

"Tell me now."

"You never checked my thighs that's why.. I got away with it and I needed it.. it was either this or me dead somewhere..."

"I want you to get help for this"

I chuckled "yeah its not like I feel like a freak enough.."

"I'm serious. I want you to realize this is good for you."


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