hurtful days and sleepless night

Could be triggering to suicidal people or self harmers


3. 1st hour with andy

( just so you guys know Andy is like 17 in this story just a heads up)

I noticed Andy was wearing a pierce the veil shirt today. Should I say something?

"Hey wanna know something cool?"

"Yeah what's that?" He says

"Vic is my brother" I said pointing to his shirt.

"No way!"

"Yeah here I will show you"

I grab my phone out of my pocket and dial his number

"Hey sis what's up?"

"Hi Vic! Made a new friend today!!"

"Really? That's amazing!"

"Yea here he is"

"Hey man. My names Andy biersack big fan!"

"Your a fan of me? Man I'm a fan of your band! I've been trying to get you guys in a concert with us!"

"No fucking way!"

"Yeah" the bell rang for 1st hour.

"Well gotta go Vic."

"Alright I should see you in a couple days because we are on our way home from the UK today but kellin wanted to take a boat instead of a plane.."


"KC I COULD HEAR THAT!" I heard kellin scream in the background.

"NO FUCKING DUH! well see you guys soon!"

"Bye sis!"


"That. Was. Real. Omg" Andy was fangirling 

"Calm down Andy! No dying before lunch I would rather not sit by myself again today."

"I'm good I'm good" I knew how to make him freak out again.

"Wanna come over and meet Vic when he gets home?"

"Is that a trick question!?!"

"OK we should go"

I hope he isn't just my friend because of Vic.....

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