Bite Me <3

About four directioners. And they have a secret. Their vampires. They go to a One Direction concert and find out a huge secret that they try so hard to keep. Read more to find out.


5. Why Is He So Adorable?

Riley's POV

They were still laughing and I couldn't help but laugh as well. After I had my laughing fit, I found Liam smiling at me. I couldn't help but blush if it's possible and smile back, his smile grew bigger and he showed his pearly white teeth and fangs which I thought was cute. He leaned over to me and put something in my pocket. "What was that about?" Tia asked. "I don't know" I said smiling and looking over to him. He was already looking at me when I did. I blushed. "Yeah uhuh" she said smirking. I stuck my tongue out at her. The car stopped in front of our house and we all got out. 

After a few hours of playing and joking around, sadly the boys had to leave. "Let's meet up again sometime" Louis said. "That's a great idea!" Bella said. "I agree" Violet said. "Sure, why not" I said. Liam winked at me as I said that. Why does he have to be so adorable! "You think I'm adorable?" He smirked. "Did I say that out loud?" I asked embarrassed. They nodded. I facepalmed myself. "It's fine you're adorable too" he whispered in my ear. They left and the girls and I fangirled. I punched in Liam's number and texted him. We texted for hours until we had to sleep. BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Abby here! Hey guys sorry for the wait and short chappie. It's just I'm really busy and I don't have any ideas. So bare with me please. Hope you like this!

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