Bite Me <3

About four directioners. And they have a secret. Their vampires. They go to a One Direction concert and find out a huge secret that they try so hard to keep. Read more to find out.


1. A Bite


A Bite  (Violet)

The night was clear and dark; you could see the stars brightly shining agents the black sky; four girls were lying on the ground looking up at the sky. To most people they are just best friends but within their circle of their secrets. They’re group of thousand year old vampires. The wind softly blows across them.

“You smell that?” Asked Tia; sitting up.

There was a group of young teens a few blocks away. I could smell them.

“Yea’.” I and the others said sitting up.

“Who wants a bite?” Asked Isabella; flashing her fangs.

“That’s so old school.” Tia said giggling.

“Look who’s talking.”  Riley said jokingly.

“Are you calling me old?” Said Tia; raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s not go there.” I said standing up.

“Come on Vi, your not ending the fun already, are you?” Riley said dropping her arm around me.

“No. But I do have something for Tia. As tomorrow is her birthday…” I held out four tickets; smiling at the others.

“My human birthday.” She points out before taking the tickets and looking at them. But we already know that.

“They came today.” I said to the others.

“Are these?” Her eyes widens with glee.

“Yes, One Direction!” She smiled, hugged me and the girls. We’ve seen them many times, and it’s always a blast. So, we though this would be a good idea.

“So, I guess we better eat then. Huh?” Riley said smiling.

“Yea, we don’t want to show up hungry… might not end so well.” I said.

We headed off looking for some ‘food’. As time went on we ended up at a park. Coming up to a group of young teens we knew we’ve found our ‘food’ for the night.

We each found one we wanted and lead them, off into the dark. We drank enough to fill our needs but didn’t kill them. After we were done we made them forget us, what we did and what we are. This was our life. We live in one place for a few years before we moved. We never try and draw attention to ourselves; for over a thousand years we have lived together as a group. One place to the next; living through the age of The Beatles, to Rock’n’Roll, to boybands, everything. We’ve been in and out of relationships and watching our loved ones pass away but we have moved on and have made a life that makes us happy.

Walking down the middle of the road, I loop arms with Isabella, who loops with Tia, who loops with Riley. This night was still young for us vampires but we didn’t care all we could think about was tomorrow and One Direction.



(Violet Moore)

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