After getting married to THE Harry Styles I have to ask him if I could even breathe! He's been ruling my life-like a Ruler.


1. The Wedding

Today is the day I marry the love of my life. Harry Styles. He is a little over protective and bossy but I think that's his nature. After I took a shower  I put on my one shoulder glittery floral wedding dress. I wear my diamond bracelet and necklace. I put on my white gold earrings. Next I go to the makeup artist and hair stylist. Red lipstain is slashed on my lips with white pearl eyeshadow and I put on brown eyeliner. A few touches of blusher and the makeup artist days, "Beautiful my darling!" She escorts me to the hairstlist. She puts my light brown hair in a braided bun and she waves the strands of hair that are left out. My mum and papa came in with a box. Must be the tiara. I hugged them and kissed them on the cheek. "My daughter! So beautiful! May you be blessed." A little tear drips down my eye as I smile at my parents. They opened up the box and I saw a beautiful glitzy diamond tiara with a silky net veil. They adorn me and I kiss them on the cheek once more. Did I seriously forget to introduce myself?! My name is Mariam Nellie Velvet. Call me Mariam Velvet. I'm a twenty year old who enjoys life. My friend Felicite comes out and says, "it's starting!" 

 I go down the isle with my arms locked with my dads. He escorts me to a handsome man. That handsome man is Harry Styles. Flowers were thrown at me. I approach Harry. He looks at me in the eyes. How beautiful. The priest annonces the vows and the 5 words slipped out. "You may kiss the bride." He kissed my lips and my eyes were closed enjoying his soft lips. I am now Mariam Styles.

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