Stevie is your average innocent girl, she has many friends and is a virgin. Well she meets Liam Payne when she goes to a bar and he flips her world around, read more to find out.


4. ☁Chapter 4☁

Chapter 4:



I wake up and take a shower and put on jeans and my vans and a colorful tank top. I go downstairs and grab my bag. "Come on Drew!" I shout and he comes stomping down. I hug Beth and kiss my dad's cheek. "We need to talk when you get home." My dad says and I just nod and he takes us to our schools.

I am about to go inside when someone picks me up. "Hey." Liam says and I smile. "Hi." I say and he smiles. "So I have a question." He says and I smile again. "What?" I ask and he kisses me. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks and I grin. "Of course!" I shout and he hugs me. "Have a good day at school." He says, kissing me. I kiss him and catch up to Scott. "So, new boyfriend?" He asks and I smile. "Yes and he is super sweet." I say and he smiles. "As long as he treats you right." He says and I smile.

We go to class and I look out the window and I see Liam. He waves and I just stare at him. What is he still doing here? I get up and go to my last class and sit away from the window. "So what are you doing tonight?" Paige asks and I shrug. "Probably going to sit at home." I say and she laughs. "Come on, you have to go out." She says and I shrug. "I don't know." I say and she sighs. "Stevie, let loose." She says and I laugh. "I am in a relationship now." I say and she sighs. "Whatever." She says and the bell rings.

I go outside where Liam is waiting and Beth is not here yet. "Hey baby." He says, smiling and I giggle. I kiss him and he wraps his arms around my waist. "Is he your boyfriend?" I hear Beth ask and I look up and she is walking over. "Yes." I say and she smiles. "Hi Liam." She says and I lay my head on his chest. "Hi Beth, hey Drew!" He says to my brother. "Are you and him going to hang out?" Beth asks and I shrug. "If that's okay." He says and she bites her lip. "Her dad needs to talk to her." She says and he nods. "Maybe some other time." Liam says and she nods and she walks away with Drew. "I will see you later then baby." He says, kissing me. I grab his shirt and kiss him, biting down on his lip. "I love you." He says and I freeze. "I love you too." I say and he smiles and kisses my nose. I go to Beth's car and get in and she drives me home.

"He's in his office." Beth says to me and I nod and go to his office. "Stevie, sit." My dad says and I do. "The other night, you came home really late, listen to me, I don't want you seeing this Liam boy anymore." He says and I gasp. "Dad! He is my boyfriend!" I shout and he glares at me. "No, he isn't you have to break up with him." He says and I gasp. "No, you can't make me!" I shout, leaving and going to my room and slam the door.

Authors Note:

Hello my ducklings! I hope you liked this chapter! -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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