Stevie is your average innocent girl, she has many friends and is a virgin. Well she meets Liam Payne when she goes to a bar and he flips her world around, read more to find out.


2. ♥Chapter 2♥

Chapter 2:


I wake up the next morning and take a quick shower and change into a pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt with my vans and go downstairs and grab my bag and go to the kitchen where I have an awaiting bowl of cereal. I sit down and start eating it and I talk with Drew and he talks about how he doesn't feel good and he wants to stay home but Beth laughs and tells him he has to go. I put my bowl in the sink and go outside and I notice Liam's car sitting outside but he isn't in it. Two hands grab my hips and I gasp and turn around and Liam is smiling at me. "Hey." He says and I laugh. "What are you doing here?" I ask and he smiles. "Wanted to know if you wanted to hang out tonight, not like a date, just two people hanging out." He says and I smile. "I'm sorry, that sounds really fun but tonight is family night." I say and he nods. "Alright, maybe tomorrow?" He asks and I nod. "Sounds great." I say and he leans in and kisses me. I will never get used to his soft lips. He walks away and I can't help but stare after him. "Stevie! Are you ready to go?" My dad asks and I turn. "Yeah!" I call, moving away from the door.

He drives me to school and I kiss his cheek and get out and he pulls away. "Hey Scott!" I shout and he turns and smiles. He walks up to me and I smile. "So how was that bar?" He asks and I shrug. "Pretty good, I met a guy." I say and he nods. "That's good." He says and I nod. "Stevie, where did you go?" Paige asks, walking up and throwing down her cigarette and stepping on it. "I could ask you the same question." I say, laughing.

After school I go outside and Liam is out there. "Hey." I say and he smiles. "Hey." He says and I walk up to him. "What are you doing here?" I ask him and he shrugs. "Just wanted to see you once more before you go home." He says and I smile. "Scott!" I shout and he jogs over. "Hey Liam, this is Scott." I say and they nod at each other and Paige walks up. "Hi Liam." She says and he nods to her. Paige and Scott walk away and he wraps his arms around my waist and I smile and lean in and kiss his nose and he kisses me. I pull away just as Beth pulls up. "My step mom is here, I have to go." I say and he smiles. "Can I meet her?" He asks and I nod. He follows me over to her car and I smile at her. "Hi there, i'm Liam." He says and she smiles. "I'm Beth, are you one of her friends? I haven't seen you around." She says and he shrugs. "I don't go to this school." He lies and she nods. "Well, it was very nice to meet you." She says and he nods and looks at me. "Bye." He says and I wave and get in the car. "He seemed nice." She says and my phone vibrates. I grab it and click it and I have a picture message from Liam. I open it and it's of him blowing me a kiss. I smile and text him 'Cute, can't get enough of me, can you?' I smile, sending it and putting my phone on my leg. It goes off again and I pick it up and click on my phone and read the new message, 'Nope, your kiss is so addicting.' I giggle and put a wink face and then click the button. "Are you texting him?" Beth asks, pulling up to Drew's school. "Yes." I say, giggling. I get out and wait until I see Drew. "Paige is over there!" Drew says and I look and she is sitting alone, her back against the brick wall. "Tell Beth I will be home by the time family night starts." I say, hugging him and he nods and walks off and I walk over to Paige. "Hey Paige." I say and she looks up at me. "Hey girl, what are you doing here?" She asks and I smile. "Well, checking on you." I say, laughing and a car pulls up. I turn and it is Liam and his friends. "Come on Paige!" The curly haired boy says and she gets up and smiles at me sheepishly. "Do you want to come?" Liam asks but I shake my head. He jumps out and walks over to me. "You guys go on! I will walk home!" Liam says and the blonde boy drives off. "I thought you had family night tonight." He says and I nod. "I do but I came to check on Paige." I say and he nods. "I am glad your here." He says and I smile. "So am I." I say and he smiles. "How long do you have?" He asks and I shrug. "Well, until seven." I say and he nods. "Let's walk then." He says and I nod. 

We start walking and he grabs my hand and interlaces our fingers. "So little miss innocent, what's your idea of fun?" He asks and I laugh. "I love swimming." I say and he nods. "Mm, you in a bathing suit." He says and I giggle. "Not that impressive." I say and he shrugs. "You do realize, you are my first kiss." I say and he smiles. "Good." He says and I bite the inside of my lip. "Yeah." I say awkwardly and he laughs. We arrive at a park and he sits on the swing and I start to go to the other one but he grabs me and puts me on his lap. "So, tell me about yourself." He says and I shrug. "Not much to tell." I say and he shrugs. "Amuse me." He says and I shrug and start telling him how I am like, what I don't like, and what I like.

"You are very interesting." He says and I laugh. "Thanks." I say and he kisses my neck and I shiver. I stand up and look at him awkwardly. "I need to go." I say and he looks at his watch. "It's only five." He says and I shrug. He gets up and walks up to me. "I'm sorry." He says and I shrug. "Can you put up with me for two more hours?" He asks and I giggle. "Yes." I say and he smiles. I wrap my arms around his neck and lean against him, pushing my breasts against his chest and I kiss his neck. "For someone inexperienced, you are pretty good." He says and I kiss down his neck and he lets out a moan and I jump. "Are you okay?!" I ask and he laughs. "Yes." He says and he pushes some hair off of my shoulder and kisses down my neck. All of a sudden a burst of pleasure pulses through me and I let out a moan. "That's what you did." He whispers in my ear and I giggle.

He walks me home and we stand outside the door. "I am glad I got to spend a little time with you." He says and I nod. "Tomorrow, I will take you somewhere fun." He says and I smile. I lean in and so does he and the door opens. "Stevie." My dad's stern voice says and I jump and look at him. "Hi dad." I say and he looks at Liam. "Hi sir, I am Liam." Liam says and my dad nods, not taking his outstretched hand. "I am Jacob." My dad says, pulling my arm. Beth appears in the doorway. "Oh, hi Liam." She says and he waves. "Hi ma'am." He says and she smiles. "Sir, I was wondering if maybe, I could take your daughter out tomorrow, the carnival is in town and I thought I would take her." Liam says and my dad just keeps looking him up and down. "Yes." Beth says from behind him and my dad looks startled. "Great, see you tomorrow Stevie." He says, leaning in and kissing my forehead and then leaving. "Beth!" My dad says and she sighs. "Come on, let her have some fun." Beth says and I smile.

I go inside and we eat dinner and then watch a movie and play a board game and play on the wii. "My turn." Drew says and I laugh and he stands up and him and my dad play Just Dance. I laugh and my phone goes off. I pick it up and there is a picture of Liam lying down and he is winking. I notice he is shirtless and I giggle. I send a picture of me smiling and he replies saying I look beautiful. "Okay, off to bed." My dad says and I pout. "Dad, tomorrow is Saturday." I say and he laughs. "Oh ok." He says and I smile and get up and kiss his cheek and go to my room. I lie down and send pictures back and forth to Liam until he sends me one that I don't know. 'What is that?' I send and wait for his reply. 'Hint: You can't see it when you wear pants and boxers.' His message reads and I gasp. 'Liam!!!' I text back and he sends me a picture of him making a pouty face. 'I need to go to sleep.' I text back and I don't wait for a response. I just put my phone on my nightstand and lie down and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my ducklings! I hope you liked this chapter! -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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