Stevie is your average innocent girl, she has many friends and is a virgin. Well she meets Liam Payne when she goes to a bar and he flips her world around, read more to find out.


1. ~Chapter 1~

Chapter 1:


“Let loose, have some fun.” Paige says to me and I roll my eyes. “No Paige.” I say and she sighs. “Stevie, you will never know what fun is until you get out there!” She says and I sigh. “Fine, alright, but only for tonight.” I say and my friend Scott runs up. “Hello ladies.” He says, smiling and I laugh. “Hello Scott.” I say, walking to our car. “Hey Drew!” Scott says to my little brother. “Where’s dad?” I ask Beth, my step mom. “Working,” she says and I get in the front and look out my window. “See you tomorrow.” I say and he waves and we drive off.

“What do you want for dinner?” Beth asks. “Macaroni!” My brother shouts. “What about you Stevie?” She asks and I look up. “Macaroni sounds great.” I say, smiling and she smiles and goes to the kitchen. I go in and help her and she pulls her black, curly hair back into a pony tail and starts boiling the water. "So how was school today?" She asks and I shrug. "It was school." I say and she smiles. "Well I know that, did anything special happen?" She asks and I laugh. "Well later Paige and I are going to hang out." I say and she nods. "Well your father and I wanted to have family night when he gets home." She says, smiling sheepishly. "Tomorrow night, please." I say and she sighs. "Alright." She says and I smile.

"Dinner is ready butt head!" I shout to my brother and he laughs. "Alright doofus!" He says and I laugh and he follows me into the kitchen.  We all sit down and eat and after I finish, the doorbell rings and I kiss Beth's cheek and hug Drew and I walk out and answer the door. "Let's go." Paige says and I follow her out to her car and we get in and she begins driving. I look at her outfit, a school girls skirt with a half shirt, I just shake my head and look out the window.

We arrive at this club and she smiles at me. She takes me inside and there is thumping music, strobe lights and people grinding against each other to some techno music. "I am going to get a drink!" Paige shouts in my ear and walks away. I sigh and move through the groups people and stand over by a huge pole. I lean against and scan the crowd. "Hey there." Someone says with a thick British accent. I turn and there is a guy with brown hair and black attire and covered in tattoos and he has a few piercings. "Hey." I say slowly, smiling at him. "Why aren't you dancing?" He questions and I shrug. "I don't dance." I say, biting the inside of my lip. He smiles and I instantly smile in return. "Do you want a drink?" He asks but I shake my head. "I don't drink." I say and he chuckles. "Then why are you here?" He asks and I shrug. "My friend brought me." I say and he nods. I scan the ground and find Paige grinding against some curly headed guy. "She is taking a fancy to my friend." He says and I notice he has gotten closer. "I guess so." I say and all of a sudden, there is a crash and I look over and two guys are fighting and they knocked off the stereos and it starts a fire. "Assholes." He mumbles under his breath. "Follow me!" He shouts and grabs my hand and pulls me toward one of the back exits and we go up some stairs and we end up on the roof and there are helicopters and cop cars. He runs over to the side of the building and he climbs down some ladder. I walk over and look down and he is looking up at me. "Come on." He says and I look up at the helicopter and then back down at him and turn and start going down the ladder and he grabs my hips and helps me down and we run down some stairs and we are on the ground and I see Paige. "Paige!" I shout and she looks around until her eyes land on me. "I will talk to you later!" She shouts, the curly haired boy pulling her away.

He ends up pulling me to his car and we drive somewhere quiet. "Sorry about that." He says and I look at him. "You didn't do anything." I say and we get out and sit on the hood of his car which warms my butt. "Well, Niall gets drunk and he starts a lot of fights." He says and I nod. "I never got to know your name." He says, looking at me. "I'm Stevie." I say, giggling. "I'm Liam." He says, smiling. "So why haven't I seen you around school?" I ask and he looks away. "I am out of it." He says and I look at him. "Why?" I ask and he starts telling me a story about his past.

"I am so sorry." I say and he shrugs. "I am on my own now, I live with a few friends." He says and I hug him. I pull away and he stares into my eyes. He slowly leans in and my heart starts pounding. This would be my first kiss, do I want him to be my first kiss? Before I could keep battling with myself, his lips are pressed to mine. My lips move in sync with his and he slips his tongue in my mouth. I pull away and he stares at me. "You are my first kiss." I say, embarrassed. "Good." He says and then picks me up and takes me to the passenger side and lower me in and then he jumps into the other side and I tell him where I live and he drives me home.

"Thank you for tonight." I say and he smiles. He leans over and kisses me and I shiver and kiss him back and he slides something into my hand and I get out and shut the door and go inside and he drives off once I open my door. I enter the house and it is dark. "Stevie? Is that you?" My dad calls and I find him in his study. "Hi dad." I say and I walk over and kiss his cheek. "Where have you been? I have been calling you." He says and I sigh. "I am sorry dad, my phone was off." I say and pull out my phone and turn it on and I have seventeen missed calls. "I am so sorry dad!" I say and he smiles. "It's alright." He says and he kisses my forehead. "Get to bed." He says and I nod and go upstairs to my room and I type his number into my phone and take a quick shower and go to my bed and lie down and fall asleep thinking about Liam.

Authors Note

I hope you like this new story my ducklings! -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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