Stevie is your average innocent girl, she has many friends and is a virgin. Well she meets Liam Payne when she goes to a bar and he flips her world around, read more to find out.


6. _Chapter 6_

Chapter 6:


I wake up the next morning, my eyes puffy and I get up and take a shower. I go downstairs and pick up my bag and just silently go to the car. I sit in the back and Drew takes advantage of shot gun and my dad drops me off at school first. I get out and shut the door and am met by a grinning Scott. "Hello beautiful!" He says and I nod. "What's wrong?" He asks, hiking his bag up higher onto his back. "My dad forbid me from seeing Liam." I say and he bites his lip. "Have you given Liam the memo?" Scott asks but I shake my head. "Why?" I ask and his eyes shoot over my shoulder. I am picked up and spun around and then put down, facing Liam. "Hey baby girl." He says and I bite my lip. "Is something wrong?" He asks and I look up at him. "I need to talk to you alone." I say and he nods and I pull him aside. "Are you breaking up with me?" He asks and I stay silent. "Stevie, no please." He says and I grab his hand. "My dad has forbid me from seeing you." I say and he wraps his arms around me. "I don't care, Stevie, I love you." He says and I press my forehead against his chest. "Liam, please don't make this harder than it is." I say and he gets down on his knees, his head against my stomach and his arms around my waist. "Come on, we can stay secret." He pleads and I bite my lip. "Liam, get up." I say and he does. "Liam, you don't understand!" I say and he starts kissing my neck. "Please." He says, nuzzling my neck. "Come on buddy." Scott says and Liam turns to him. "You're right, I guess this is goodbye then Stevie." He says and I nod. He turns and walks off and I walk with Scott inside.

After school I am outside, waiting for Beth when I see Liam's car. I turn and Paige is standing there. "Hey." She says, smiling and I nod. "Liam wants to talk to you." She says and I sigh. "I know." I say, looking around for Beth. "Just talk to him." She says but I shake my head. "Here he comes, see you later." She says and I turn and he is walking up to me. "Hey Stevie." He says but I shake my head. "No Liam, go away please." I say and he grabs my hand. "Please just let me speak." He says and I sigh. "I love you Stevie, I have never felt like this with any other girl, please, we will keep it secret, I promise." He says and I sigh. He leans in and kisses me. My lips move in sync with his and he puts his hands on my hips. He plays with the bottom of my shirt and his hand slides up my shirt. "Please." He whispers, kissing my neck. "Okay." I moan as he sucks on my soft spot. He smiles at me and I stare up at him. "I love you." I say and he smiles and kisses me again. "I love you too." He says, pulling back and leaving. Beth pulls up and I go over to her car and get in. "How was school?" She asks and I smile. "Good." I say and she pulls away. We drive past Liam's car and I see Paige and Harry making out and a few other people and then Liam, staring at me.

Authors Note:

Hello my ducklings! Stevie and Liam are together :) -Mrs. Tomlinsonxx


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