Willow Mellark

Willow Mellark knows the role her parents played in the Rebellion, The Hunger Games. Her family, including her brother Rye and her newest little sister Primrose, think everything will be peaceful. They are having a good life. Heck, even Haymitch has a kid! Every thing is perfect until a certain recently dead person comes to them and shares the bad news- the Capitol isn't done yet.


5. Chapter Five

    Effie Trinket. A woman I never trusted because of the Capitol-ness she has held onto all these years, what with the color and the accent. Mother said she wasn't involved in the whole Rebellion. She wasn't on Snow's side, but she did work as the representative of District 12 for the Games. You couldn't pay me in trillions or buy me a rainbow to trust her the least bit. But mother understands.
Probably not anymore.
     I instantly shake my father, hoping to awake him.
"Daddy, get up," I urge. Prim starts crying. Mother slowly backs away from father, and goes to help her.
"I'll be right back." I push past Gale, a for sure traitor, and slam the door in his face. My bare feet make contact with the cold asphalt, and I ignore it. II look to see the sun rising as I run as quickly as possible to Effie's house, the last one on the left in the large Victory Village. Victory. Rebel victory. Those thoughts swim around in my head, bouncing up and hitting my skull at every step. 
     I knock hard on Effie's pink door. I expect her to take a while, considering it is 5 a.m, but then I remember she just knocked out my father. I don't bother waiting and test the doorknob. It's unlocked. But what if she's undressed? Gross. I'll just wait.
"Who is it at this ungodly hour?" Effie yells, like she didn't just break into our house and "drug" Gale.
"Willow. Ya just attacked my father, and I'd like to know why, you---!"
I'm pretty to the point. Effie stands at the door, in her blue nightgown. She has her  curlers in her unnaturally purple hair, because most of her Afro wigs were destroyed and we managed to get her to agree with real hair. As real as purple dye is.
She truly looks tired. She has eye crust, something most people get out of their eyes to see correctly. The way she is looking at me I don't think she can see too good. "Why would I attack Peeta? He's just darling! Ya know, he baked me a beautiful cake for my birthday..."
"Stuff it, Trinket," I growl. "This is in pink lipstick. Who else here wears lipstick with sparkles?" I hold up the letter.
"I don't have that," she says. "I would like to."
"Shut it, Effie. I know what you did. And Gale? You didn't drug him. He looked fine."
Suddenly she grabs my shoulder and pulls me inside her brightly colored house.
"Your father isn't unconscious."
She pushes me out the door.
"Watch your back, kid."
     Frightened by the thing she said about father, I run quickly back to the house without looking back. We didn't think to check his pulse. His heartbeat.
I slam the door open and fall to my knees at father's body. I put my hand to his chest.

I scream loud enough for all Panem to hear.

Say good bye to life, Effie Trinket.

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