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14. Newt Imagine



"Y/N, I'm sure they're fine" Gally reassures you. While the others had gone looking for Newt, you had been asked to stay behind with Gally, you were worried like hell.

"What if they don't find him?" You look up at him hugging your arms to your body. "What if he's hurt? Or if he's gotten worse with the shuckin' Flare?" You exclaim, standing and walking to the door and peaking out.

"I'm sure everything is fine, Y/N" 

You take in a breath and run your fingers through your hair, giving a small nod.

"'re probably right" you murmur.


About two days later you had heard someone come to the house, well some people. 

You stood at the in the doorway, peaking in, listening to the conversation.

"Guys, how are you gonna tell her this?" A voice that obviously belongs to Gally whisper shouts.

"Do you think we haven't been thinking of that?" a voice replies. Minho.

"We don't want to hur-" you hear Thomas begin but Gally chimes in.

"If you say 'We don't want to hurt her' I will punch you where the sun don't shine, because this will hurt her" he snaps "Y/N has been worried for days about this"

"We just have to be gentle with it" Thomas explains.

"Gentle with what?" You question, fully stepping into the room making yourself noticeable. The three boys freeze and look in your direction. All looking petrified to even take a breath.

"H-Hey" Minho speaks, a small squeak in his voice.

"Guys, what is it?" You ask "did you find him...?" You finish approaching them.

"Yeah" Minho says looking to Thomas.


"Um...he left. To um... Somewhere" Minho panics

"Oh my god..." Gally says with a slight scoff.

"Guys just tell me" you say looking to Thomas this time for answers.

"Y/N...I-I'm sorry" he says, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Thomas-" you say, your voice quiet, confused on it all.

"H-He begged me to do it" he adds, letting a few tears run down his cheeks. "Newt...he's dead" he finishes.

"Wha- no" you say in disbelief. "That's not true...h-he's fine"

"Y/N-" Gally begins

"No! He's not d-dead! He's fine!" You shout, your bottom lip starting to quiver. Your knees weakening. "You're lying" you hear your voice crack. "Wh-Why are you lying?" You start to tremble.

"I'm not lying" Thomas says, pulling you into his arms and that's when you loose strength and fall weak in his arms, starting to sob uncontrollably. "I-I'm so sorry".

AN: Yeah I'm sorry, I know, I probably just wounded you all with feels of sadness. most likely more then wounded. Well um...Comment what us think

~Erin xoxo

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