The Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences

It's in the title Lovlies :)

I do not own any of the characters. All rights go to James Dashner. Request Ideas (No Personal At The Moment)

(This Story is also on Wattpad so yes it's me the same author)


15. Minho Imagine

You jogged up the front steps to you and Minho's shared loft returning from your evening jog. You looked up at the sky and see the first few stars starting to appear in the sky. You open the door knowing Minho would most likely be home.

"Baby? I'm back!" You call out. You walk into the house and see the lights all off. "Minho?" You call. You walk off into the kitchen and see the living room tv is on. The Fault in Our Stars playing.

You walk in slowly seeing Minho sitting in the darkness, curled up into blankets and hugging a pillow. Popcorn everywhere as well. 

The sound of sniffling filled the room. You look to the screen seeing that the scene that was playing was none other than Augustus Water's funeral, the one he set up in the literal heart of Jesus.

"Are you crying?" You ask, a small giggle evident in your voice. You walk over to him and take him in your arms.

"It's not f-funny" he sniffles. "Fuck Thomas for making me watch this" he adds. You let another giggle slip.

"It's okay" 

"Noo! I-It's not okay! Th-they deserve t-to be together!" He sobs, burring his head into the crook of your neck. 

The both of you sit there as he cries. Suddenly he jumps up and walks off into the kitchen.


"I'm busy!"

"Doing what...?" You ask, getting up from the couch and going to him.

"Finding the cure for cancer, Damn it!"

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