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16. Minho Imagine (AU)


You walk into the gym of your high school and look down at the text from your best friend, Minho.

Minho: Meet me at the school, in the gym. Wear your prom dress ❤️.

Everything from earlier in the night was still hung up. It had been the night of your senior prom and long story short, you were stood up by the captain of the football team, Alby.

"What...?" You mumble quietly, crossing your arms over your chest looking over to the stage. 

Minho stood there in his black dress pants, black slacks, and a white dress shirt. His sleeves had been rolled up and a few buttons of his shirt were undone, and boy was he looking handsome as ever.

"Well don't you look gorgeous" he says, a small smile tugging at his lips. He hops off the stage and walks over to you, taking your phone and placing it on a table with his dress coat and tie. He then takes your small hand into his and brings it to his lips, placing a soft gentle kiss to it.

"What are you doing?" You ask, your cheeks growing pink.

"I'm not letting you miss the chance of going to prom because of some jackass" he says, pulling you close to him. Minho looks to the stage and shouts "Hit it, Thomas!"

"Thomas-?" You begin but stop. You look up at Minho and listen to the music. 

"Just dance with me..." he says, pulling you closer to his body so no space is left between you. You lean your head onto his chest and begin to sway.

Throughout the song you both hold onto each other, occasionally stealing glances up to each other. 

The song starts to come to the last verse when you decide to speak up a little.

"Why'd you do this?" You whisper, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck and letting your eyes flutter closed.

"I just..." He trails off, you can sense his nervousness. 

"Just tell me" you speak up again, placing a light kiss to his cheek. You can't see it but you can tell he's blushing.

"I just can't stand seeing you get hurt by all these jerks...Alby. Ben. Aris. I-I just want to see you feel right with someone...happy" he says. You feel him place his hand on your lower back. "I...I want you to be happy...happy with the right guy. Me" he mumbles the last part but you clearly hear it.

"Minho..." you say, taking your head off his shoulder and looking up into his dark, beautiful eyes.

"No...really. I care so much about you, Y/N. I'm done seeing you hurt all the time" he says stepping away and looking feel into your E/C eyes.

"I love you" you whisper leaning in, standing on your tip toes. Your lips just brushing against his.

You then feel the pressure of his lips connect with yours. The feeling was overwhelming. You then feel his tongue glide across your lower lip asking for entrance and grant it. The kiss deepened and suddenly you feel like you're flying.

Minho wraps his arms around you, not breaking the kiss and you wrap your arms around his neck.

For once in your life you finally feel that happiness he was talking about.

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