The Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences

It's in the title Lovlies :)

I do not own any of the characters. All rights go to James Dashner. Request Ideas (No Personal At The Moment)

(This Story is also on Wattpad so yes it's me the same author)


1. How You Meet

First Preference, Yay! This one really will be only for Newt, Minho, and Thomas, because honestly I don't have ideas for Gally, maybe I'll do his in the future.

Thomas- "Ow! God damn-!" you yell out in pain as you accidentally hit the head of your hammer on your thumb. You were interrupted by the alarm of The Box coming up once again.

You look over and see the crowd of boys starting to surround the area of where The Box was. You start to jog over, a bit eager to meet the new addition to the glade.

Once you had gotten over to the front you are met by your closest friend, Newt.

"Why don't you get down there and get him, Y/N?" He asked. You peered down into the metal box and saw a boy about sixteen or so. His beautiful brown eyes were filled with a mix of fear and confusion, his dark brown hair was messy and a bit dirty.

"Why me?" You ask, furrowing your eyebrows at Newt.

"Could use a woman's touch" he said with a small smile. Newt had always tried to get you out there, to talk to more boys, get a boyfriend.

You rolled your eyes and hopped down into The Box.

"Hey, Greenie" you greeted with a kind, gentle smile. You reached out your hand for him to take. "I don't bite" you say with a small giggle which earns you a smile from the boy. "I'm Y/N. Can you tell me your name?"

"Thomas..." the boy, who apparently refers to himself as Thomas, replies. Thomas takes your hand and you pull him up. You gaze up into his eyes being that he's taller than you, and you reply.

"Well, Thomas. Welcome to the Glade".

Minho- Remember. Please please, come on. You think to yourself as you lay there curled up in the dark metal box.

You feel tears running down your cheeks and let out a scream of terror.

"HELP! H-Help, please!" You cry out. You feel the box moving faster and faster until finally it stops making you jolt up a bit. You gaze up and start to see sunlight creep into the box.

You shield your eyes back in your arms. You start to hear whispers from above you. Things like 'A girl?' Or 'Is she hot?' and some even ask if you're okay.

You shake in fear and you let out some whimpers. That's when there was a moment you felt a hand on your shoulder.

"Hey...shh. It's okay, you're going to be okay" a voice says softly. You feel yourself being lifted up gently and taken out of the box that you'd been contained in.

You are set down on the soft grass lightly and you look up at the boy. He looked rather buffed, dark hair, deep brown eyes, he had looked to have come from an Asian background also. The boy crouched down and looked at your eyes.

"Minho" he said. His name. You still hadn't remembered your name. You looked down and sniffled a bit. "You remember your name?" He asked, obviously trying to be easy with you.

You shake your head in response and he gives a small nod.

"It's okay, Greenie. you'll remember in a couple days or so. Welcome by the way" Minho says smiling slightly.

Newt- The fire illuminated the glade in it's darkness. You gazed at the sparks that fly up from the burning flames from a far. Y/N, my name is Y/N, you think to yourself.

You look at all the rowdy boys that dance and cheer around the bonfire.

All day you refused to eat so you were practically starving, full of shakiness. You hear a twig snap behind you and jolt a little and look in the direction it came from.

"Sorry" a boy says with a thick British accent. "Didn't mean to scare you" he finishes with a kind smile. As he approaches you more you realize he has a bit of a limp.

"Thought you would like some food" he says sitting beside you and handing you a turkey and cheese sandwich.

"Thanks..." you reply bluntly, taking the sandwich and biting into it. You glance at the boy and you meet his nice brown eyes. The way the light of the fire hits him you see he has sandy blond hair.

"What's your name?" He asks, leaning back on his elbows.

"Y/N" you reply, turning your gaze to him. The boy has a smile forming on his face. "What?" You question, a slight giggle in your voice.

"Beautiful" he says. You just reply with a little laugh. "You're beautiful" he finishes.

"And you're gorgeous" you say with a smirk playing at your lips. Another smile earned from the boy.

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