The Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences

It's in the title Lovlies :)

I do not own any of the characters. All rights go to James Dashner. Request Ideas (No Personal At The Moment)

(This Story is also on Wattpad so yes it's me the same author)


11. How He Likes Your Hair

Thomas~ He Likes it in a messy bun. He likes that when a loose piece falls out of place, he can tuck it back behind your ear for an excuse to touch you.

Minho~ He likes your hair curled. He loves that sexy look of your curls cascading down your back. Then there's when you're sleeping, he can play with your curls as much as he wants without you swatting his hand away.

Newt~ He loves your hair in a braid. A lot of the time he would do it himself. Newt, being the sweetheart he is just loves your hair out of your beautiful face.

Gally~ He just loves anything you do with your hair really, but his favorite has to be when you have it Half-up Half-down. He likes that you have it down but just enough of it is pulled out of your face so he can look into your gorgeous eyes.

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