Second Glance

Isabella is always late, and always ignored by boys. At the concert of her lifetime, she is still late, but catches a certain boy's eye.


1. Second Glance

The wind whipped through my hair turning it into a tangled mess, not that I could be bothered with it at the moment.  My feet pounded hard against the pavement as I sprinted towards the huge group of people standing outside the arena.  As always I was running late.  It seemed like being late was just my specialty.  I would probably be late to my own funeral.
I was furious with myself for being late, again, especially to something that I had been waiting for months to attend.  I could have torn out my hair in frustration, but that never solved anything.  It’s not like I was late to a One Direction concert or anything.  Oh wait! I was.  The dark sky did nothing to improve my mood.
My white Converse skid across the cement slightly as I came to a stop near where the arena employees were letting people in.  The middle aged woman I strode up to had a ghost of a smile on her face.
“Running a bit late are we?” She asked while checking my small bag that only had my wallet, phone, a camera, and a pack of gum.  I let out a short laugh as she handed me back my bag deciding that I wasn’t carrying anything potentially harmful.
“You could say that.” I gave the woman a small smile before jogging through the doors.  A boy, maybe two years older than I was, stopped me from going much further.  He had on a vest with a name plate that said Taylor.  He was good looking, I’d admit, but I had received too much abuse from boys like him before.  I inwardly groaned.  I had probably missed the opening act already.
“Could I see your ticket?” Taylor asked in a bored voice not even giving me a second glance.  I pulled the ticket and backstage pass I had out and practically shoved them under his nose.  Normally I was pretty shy and had great manners, but at the moment I was in no mood to be.  I was missing a One Direction concert.  That is the one occasion in my opinion where it was okay to let manners fly out the window.
Taylor’s brown eyes widened in surprise, he probably didn’t think a girl like me would have done something like that.  Oh well.  
“Follow me.” Taylor said to me still looking quite shocked.  I did as he said and followed his tall form through the outer part of the arena and to an area I had never been, backstage.  “Make sure you wear your pass the entire time or you’ll be thrown out.  There are some seats up by the stage for people with backstage passes; the number on the back of your pass is your seat number.  Just go through that doorway and you’ll be right where you’re supposed to be.  When the concert is over you’ll be escorted back to talk with the band members.  Any questions?” Taylor rambled out as if he had memorized what he was supposed to say.  He had barely any emotion in his voice, like a robot.
I shook my head no and hurried through the doorway that he had indicated.  The noise inside was unbelievable, but I had been to rock concerts before so I wasn’t too bothered.  There were about thirty seats set up in the area I was in and most of them were filled, all but a few.  I felt my self-confidence drop several notches seeing all the beautiful girls in the crowd.  There was no chance in a million years the boys would notice me, not with so many girls out there who looked like they came off of the front covers of magazines.
I checked the back of my pass before hurrying over to my seat, number nine.  I was just in time too, the film that was played on the screen before their concerts began rolling right as I took my seat.  The noise level rose to an incredible level and I almost had to clamp my hands over my ears.  I watched the film absolutely transfixed and struggled to not let out a girlish scream.  This was it; I was going to see my idols on stage.
Waves crashed on the screen and the noise reached an all time high.  The five boys that I supported with my whole heart ran out on stage and at that moment I felt the happiest I ever had.  Niall did a jump which made me smile.
They started singing Na Na Na bringing a huge smile to my face.  I gave up entirely on the idea of sitting down, I was too excited.  Deciding that I would want to show my friends the concert when I got home I pulled out my iPhone, admiring its blue, silver, and white swirling pattern before starting to record the boys on stage.  Elizabeth would love to see this video when I posted it on Quizazz.
The boys finished singing their first song and then started their next one, I Want.  I felt myself sway to the music slightly.  As Harry sang I sang along with him, making sure to use some of his famous lyric changes.  I had only been at the concert maybe six minutes and I was already having the time of my life.  Sure I wasn’t there with any of my friends, but I was still having fun.
I couldn’t help but keep looking up at Zayn, and every time I did my heart would melt.  You could say I had a bit of a soft spot for the more mysterious boy of the band.  There was just something about him that made my heart swell and stomach flip, in a good way.  A few times I thought that Zayn was looking at me, but that just had to be wishful thinking.  I wasn’t much to look at.
I had curly black hair naturally that fell just past my shoulders.  It wasn’t anything special and neither were my blue eyes.  I was very pale, short, and I wasn’t as skinny as the girls around me.  There was no way that Zayn Malik would ever give me a second glance, just like Taylor the arena employee had when I first approached him.
The boys sang the last notes to I Want, all smiling huge, beautiful, smiles.  I was so proud seeing the boys up on stage.  They had grown so much and came so far since being the boys on the stairs that I had fallen in love with two years before.  I had only been sixteen then, but that didn’t stop me from loving those boys with my whole heart, and feeling a bit like a proud mother did whenever I saw them on the television or heard them on the radio.
“Wow.  You guys are absolutely amazing!” Zayn exclaimed into his mike and hundreds of girls screamed in response.  My heart leapt in response to hearing his voice with his beautiful accent.  It’s absolutely mad how just six words could melt my heart like they did.
“Now this next song,” Louis began with a smile spreading over his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes, “is for a girl that seems to have that One Thing.  Zayn hasn’t been able to take his eyes off her all night.”  I felt my heart drop.  It was a horrible feeling and I felt as if I had been winded.  I could tell that Zayn’s face had flushed a light pink.  The sound of hundreds, possibly even thousands of girl’s hearts breaking filled the stadium, mine was one of them.
“I’ve seen that.  Who is this mystery girl, Zayn?  I know it’s one of these lovely girls over here.” Harry strode right over to where my section was and several of the girls around me broke into squeals or tears.  I looked around me to see one of the girls that I had noticed when I walked in.  She had dark auburn hair, green eyes, and flawless skin.  She must have been the girl that had caught Zayn’s eye seeing as she was gorgeous.
Louis came to Harry’s side scanning through all the girls around me.  Right then I just wanted to burst into tears.  I know it was pathetic.
“Is it her?” Liam asked with a huge smile, pointing to a blonde in my row.  My eyes darted over to Zayn who shook his head no.  He looked a bit embarrassed about putting on the spot like he was.  The blonde who had been pointed to broke out with loud sobs.
“Before Louis tries pointing out every girl down there, I’ll just let you know that the girl has black curly hair.” Zayn announced.  Girls around me gasped and I felt my face flush a brilliant red.  The boys started the song before they could create more drama in the crowd.  There was only one other girl with black curly hair, and she was another one of the model looking types.  Still, she looked nice and even though my heart was crushed, I felt happy for her.
I let my curls fall in front of my face as I danced along with the music, trying to just enjoy my time at the concert.  I wasn’t a pro dancer or anything, but I at least could manage to not look like an idiot.  Dancing actually made me feel better.
I felt someone twine their hand in the back of my curls and before I could turn to look, they pulled, hard.  The feeling of several hairs parting way with my scalp was not a pleasant one.  It actually hurt quite a bit.  I fell back into my chair as a result of how hard the person had pulled my hair.  It was extremely surprising that someone could be that openly aggressive.  I hadn’t done anything, at least that I knew of, to make them want to harm me.
“You’re that b***h that Zayn’s taken an interest in.” The girl that was pulling my hair hissed.  “Just to let you know, you better not try anything.  Zayn is my future husband.”  The girl scraped her nails against my scalp, pulling me back even further so I could see her face.  She wore entirely too much makeup; her whole face was fake and coated with too much of the stuff that you couldn’t make out her natural skin colour.
It hurt so much to extend my neck like I was being forced to and I let out a whimper.  I wasn’t one to show weakness like I was now, but I was scared that the girl pulling my hair might have been one of those crazed fans that were willing to kill the competition to get with one of the boys.
I was hardly even paying attention to what was happening with the concert anymore.  I was too focused on what was happening to me at the moment.
“Please just let me go.” I pleaded with tears stinging in my eyes.  An evil smile spread across her face.
“You are so pathetic.  If Zayn ever actually talked to you, he’d realize you are just a piece of trash not worthy of his time.  Not to mention that you are so freaking ugly and fat.” Ouch, that hurt more than what she had done to me physically.  I had got enough of that at school; I didn’t come to a concert just to be physically and emotionally abused.
“Hey, get off of her.” Demanded a voice I knew all too well.  His voice wasn’t harsh, but it was strong and wasn’t through the speakers as I would have expected, but from right in front of me.  The look on my abuser’s face was one of complete shock and she immediately untangled her fingers from my hair.  I was able to lift my head to see one of my idols standing before me.
There, less than a foot away, stood Zayn Malik.  It looked like he had jumped off the stage just to help me.  Paul, one of their bodyguards, stood close by looking cross, not at all impressed by Zayn’s little stunt.  I was absolutely speechless.  My idol had been my knight in shining armor.  He had jumped off stage, interrupting the concert, just to save me.
He looked absolutely breathtaking standing before me, those brown eyes filled with worry.
“Are you okay love?” Zayn questioned, biting on his lip a little bit.  I was surprised that I hadn’t fainted or something.  I opened my mouth to tell him that I was okay now, and to thank him for saving me, but I couldn’t manage any words so I just nodded.  Zayn took one look at my face and didn’t seem to buy it.  He turned to Paul and they talked for a bit, it looked almost like they were arguing.   After a moment Paul nodded his head.  The boys on stage were doing the twitter question part of the concert to make up for Zayn not being on stage.
“Here, come with me.” Zayn smiled down at me putting an arm around my shoulders and leading me backstage, and then to the actual stage area.  The lights were so bright at first but then my eyes adjusted and I could see the thousands of fans standing around the arena.
“It looks like Zayn has brought a fan up on stage!” Niall announced, even though it wasn’t completely necessary.  Everyone in the arena could see me.
“So what is your name, love?” Liam asked politely with a kind smile.  This was one of the moments where I was beyond glad that I was able to keep a handle on the side of me that wanted to fangirl to no end.
“My name’s Isabella.” I replied, my voice shaking slightly.
“Isabella, what a pretty name!  What do you guys think?” Louis called out to the crowd, managing to put a smile on my face and making me feel so much more comfortable.  Several happy shouts came from the crowd, but there were also plenty of boo’s.  I tried to not let the fans get to me.
“So, it looks like Isabella here is going to be staying up on stage with us for a while, maybe she could even sing a bit.” Harry suggested but I had to shake my head furiously at that suggestion.  I could not sing in the least bit.  “No? Oh well then, we’ll just have to find something else to make you do.” Harry laughed.
Zayn brought me over to where Josh was playing drums.  A chair was set up close to his drum set.  I gave him a weak smile before gingerly sitting down on the chair.  That was where I stayed for the rest of the concert.  Whenever there was a break where the boys would talk to the fans Josh and I would talk a bit.  He was fun to talk to, and I tried to make him laugh by pulling faces.  If anything was to come out of this concert, other than being known way more than I was, it would probably be a friendship with Josh.
The boys finished up their last song and rushed off stage, presumably to go change and get cleaned up a bit.  I felt a bit lost but Josh pulled me off stage with him.
“Where are we going?” I asked as we rounded yet another corner.  People rushed past us cleaning up the stage and such.
“You’ll see.” Josh laughed.  He was a bit sweaty, and he smelled a bit.  He could have been cleaning up but instead he was taking care of me.  I felt like a bother.  Josh came to a stop outside of a door that said dressing room on it.
“What are we doing here?” I asked looking around.  I was extremely confused and felt more lost than I had before.  Josh didn’t say anything, but instead he shoved me through the door in response.  I was so grateful that I was at least somewhat coordinated; otherwise I would have been on my bum on the floor.
“Isabella, what are you doing here?” A confused Zayn spluttered when he caught sight of me standing by the door rather awkwardly.  He was already changed into a pair of sweats and a top, his dark hair already hidden under a grey beanie.  I gave him a shy smile.
“Josh kind of pushed me in here.” I replied, saying it more like it was a question then a statement.  That made Louis and Harry crack up for some reason and my face flushed when I noticed that the two were half naked.
“Here, let’s go somewhere else.” Zayn suggested and pulled me out of the room.  There was something about those boys and dragging me places.  I just went with it again and let Zayn pull me around the backstage area, passing people running about to clean up.
“Are you okay?  Our fans can get a bit, er, crazy at times?”  Zayn started as we continued to walk.  I couldn’t help but let out a laugh, which turned into a snort.
“You could say that.” I laughed.  “Obsessed seems to fit a bit more than crazy, sadly enough.” I told him as I watched my feet.  Zayn’s face broke into a grin.
“Louis always says that our girls are just dedicated, but yeah, obsessed could work in some cases.” Zayn laughed and I found myself laughing along with him.  I was taken by surprise by how easy it was to talk to Zayn; normally it took me so much more time to open up to people.
The two of us walked around for a while in a comfortable silence after our laughter subsided.  I couldn’t help but keep sneaking glances over at Zayn; that entire evening had felt more like a dream than reality.  I couldn’t help to wonder though.  I normally was never even given a second glance, so why was Zayn Malik, a boy that could get any girl he wanted, paying attention to me.
“Zayn, er, could I ask you as to why you saved me from that girl?”  I voiced the only other question that was on my mind.  The first one did not seem like it would be very appropriate to ask.
“Why wouldn’t I?”Zayn answered my question with a question turning his head to look at me.  The hold his brown eyes had upon my pale blue ones could have melted whatever will I had to not express that I wanted to kiss him, but I stayed strong.  I raised my eyebrows at him giving Zayn a look.  He let out a long sigh.
“You caught my attention the moment I saw you.  There is just something about you that stood out, and I could tell just by looking at you that you are different from other girls.” My breath caught at this.  Zayn was inching closer to me as he spoke, I didn’t even think he realized it.  Our pace had slowed down as we had walked and our arms would brush occasionally.  “Plus, your curly hair just drove me mad.” We both laughed at this.
“You are so beautiful.” Zayn whispered eyes locking with mine once again.  I looked down at my feet, my face flushing red.  “I don’t know why, you’re being shy, and turn away when I look into your eyes.” He quoted to me.  He had made me feel so special in the small amount of time that I had known him, but I didn’t deserve a second of his company.
“I don’t see why you’re so interested in me, I’m just me.  Plain Isabella.  I’m not beautiful like-“ I was cut off by Zayn’s soft hand on my lips.  I froze, stopping in my tracks.  
“Isabella, you are absolutely stunning.  I don’t want to hear you say that you are not beautiful, because you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met.  Not to mention you have an amazing personality.”  Zayn whispered moving his hand away from my mouth and to my forearm.  His warm breath washed over my face with every word he spoke.
It was possibly the best moment of my life; Zayn was so close to me our eyes locked on one another’s.  My eyes were level with his chin so I had to tilt my head to stare up into the warm depths of Zayn’s kind eyes.  Those breathtaking eyes looked down at my lips and then back to my eyes and I found myself leaning in to him, closing the small space between us.
Zayn met his lips with mine before I had even closed half of the distance.  His lips moved against mine so gently and so slow.  My mind was spinning as I kissed him back, the taste of his lips on mine.  Zayn’s arms encircled my waist as he pulled me closer to him and I felt my arms go around his neck like I had read so many times in the romance novels I was a sucker for.  
At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered but Zayn.  His scent filled my nostrils, the sensation of his lips on mine was pure bliss, and the taste of him on my lips was a drug that I could not get enough of.  Nothing else mattered, not the scratches left on the back of my head, not the fact that a long time relationship would be difficult, nor the fact that I would be receiving loads of hate from Directioners all around the world.  Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end.
“I knew it!”  A voice yelled catching Zayn and me by surprise.  We sprang apart to see Louis standing before us in a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and white top that clung to his torso in such a way that was appealing to the eye.  A wide smile was plastered across Louis’ elfish face and mischief glinted in his eyes.  “I knew it!” He yelled again as Niall came running up behind him; his blonde hair messy.
“Where have you been Zayn?  We were supposed to leave ages ago!” Niall told Zayn, completely oblivious to what had just happened between the two of us.  My face flushed red and I brought my gaze down to my shoes.
“He’s been busy, Niall.” Louis laughed motioning over to where I stood which made me grow so much more uncomfortable with my position.
“What do you mean Louis?”  Realization flickered through Niall’s blue eyes as he caught on.  “Oh, oh!” he exclaimed and his own face tinted pink.
“You owe me five dollars Irish boy.”  Louis yelled in victory dancing around the younger boy as he sang.  Zayn and I exchanged a look and both ended up laughing quietly.  Sure we had been interrupted, but I had the best night of my life and could only be glad to have actually been given a second glance for once.

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