The Horan Letters: Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall Horan and Cynthia Rose realize who they are and who they want to be with. Through out arguments and romance they always seem to push through everything they believe in. They believe in each other and them together as a whole. Let's just start with the letters. How Ciall Hose became a whole!


7. Chapter 6

Niall's PoV

"It's name is Alexandr but we can call him Alex. Also, my mom is making it to where our house will be in the country so you can have all your horses and do rodeo in Ireland. You can even teach me how to ride," I say.

She doesn't say anything. She gets up with Alex and puts him in the middle and hugs us both.

"Let's go to Pet Smart and get some stuff for Alex," she says excitedly!

As we arrive to pet smart she sees a dog bed out front. It's called the love bed meant for 2 dogs. She thinks it's adorable. When we walk inside nobody is there but the manager and the clerk. Cynthia seen a dog that looked exactly like Alex but was a girl. Her name was Belle. She begged me to get her and the love bed. Along with two collars and leashes, red and blue studded with rhinestones, and dog bowls one saying food and one saying water and a huge bag of dog treats.

I tell her yes to it all and these puppies are what will start us off. Belle is mine and Alex is hers. I couldn't be any happier with her!

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